Cope With Examination Stress Through Meditation 

Mental health is now a topic of concern and conversation after years and years of it being categorized as a taboo topic. Now more than ever, the world is acknowledging those who were struggling with it silently for years and years on end. 

Having anxiety and stress can be harmful for your chances to do well on exams. If you are a student studying for examinations, but don’t know how to cope with the stress, then the best advice anyone can give you is to practice meditation. 

Academic stress and pressure are no joke. It is acceptable when the stress regarding exams is so much that it pushes the students to work harder. But it is not right if it is having adverse effects on their health, both physical and mental. 

What Is Exam Stress? 

The feeling of extreme worry and anxiety due to upcoming exams or being apprehensive about the exam results before appearing for it is the general gist of exam stress. There can be various causes that would lead to exam stress. 

It could be because of faulty lifestyle choices such as poor time management, poor nutrition and sleep, insufficient rest, or even inadequate activity. 

Ineffective and insufficient study patterns and methods like poor syllabus content coverage, cramming too many topics to learn at a time, and pulling all-nighters learning the subject instead of revising can also be major contributors to exam stress. 

Psychological factors such as feeling absolutely no control over the upcoming exam, family expectations, pressure to be the best, negative thoughts about not being smart enough, self-criticism along with irrational thoughts about the consequences of the outcome of the exam can surmount exam stress.

How can Study Techniques Help Manage Exam Stress? 

First and foremost, you have to remind yourself that your marks do not define you. But striving for excellence is a positive thing. It means you wish to improve your performance. However, believing in yourself and fighting those irrational fears will help lessen quite a load of that exam stress. 

Do not compare yourself to others; everyone has a different default system, and everyone has their fears. Worrying they are better than you and will do better than you in the exams will only deteriorate your performance and mental health. 

Focus on yourself. Work on your own preparation and revision plan. 

● Break down your syllabus into portions. This study technique will help you give an idea of what to study, when and for how long. 

● You know yourself and your potential better than anyone else. Set up a realistic study timetable. Follow through it with honesty and avoid procrastinating. 

● Set up the last days solely for revision. Do not leave anything to learn near the day of the exam. 

● Make your own notes, and keep them crisp and short in your own words. This will help you retain the textbook knowledge even if you do not remember it word-to-word. 

Everyone has a different study technique that suits them best while learning. This is totally acceptable, and you should stick to it once you find it. 

Whether it is reading out loud to learn, or to draw up charts and diagrams, or understanding the concept and then moving forward with the definitions. It is totally up to you and there is no better technique. Whichever helps you learn and remember is the best study technique for you. 

Along with the study techniques, here are a few tips to remember that will also help deal with exam stress: 

● Remember to take short breaks between your schedule. Your brain needs that time to revive the energy lost during the study sessions. 

● Do not skip meals.

● Keep yourself hydrated. 

● Take out a few minutes to meditate. To center your mind from chaotic thoughts. ● Do not consume excessive amounts of caffeine and sugary fizzy drinks. ● Try to incorporate a few minutes of moderate exercise or yoga into your day’s routine. 

Keep these things in mind, and as the exam nears, you will be prepared to tackle it.

Practice Meditation To Beat The Stress Levels 

Meditation, in simple terms, is practicing mindfulness. It is the art of mental relaxation that helps center the mind and rein in your thoughts and stabilize your mental state. It is the art of channelling your energy into calmness and positivity. 

People feeling overwhelmed with exam stress and anxiety should give meditation an honest try and see the benefits for themselves. A short meditation session powered by a few yoga postures before you start studying can help boost comprehension and concentration power. It can reduce stress and anxiety, as meditation also boost cortisol in the body. 

Commit to your meditation journey, and start healing your mind. These days it is literally at the touch of your fingertips. All you need to do is take the initiative. There are hundreds of meditation classes available. Both in person and virtual. A simple search for meditation classes near me can bring about a massive change in your life. 

Quick Meditation Tips to Manage Exam Stress 

● Simply close your eyes and take deep breaths, long and slowly. This will help distract you from the panic and help eliminate the exam stress. 

● If that is not helping reduce your anxiety, then try to take a deep breath through your nose, hold it to the count of three and exhale out of your mouth. 

● Slacken your jaw and drop your shoulders. 

● Listen to a song or any music and focus on it. Do not let your mind wander.

Where Can I Find Private Meditation Classes?

Deciding to prioritize your health and deeply committing to meditation and yoga is the first step to your healing journey. There are many classes available. Both the traditional mode of offline as well as virtual yoga instructors conduct private classes. 

Offline classes help you get fresh air and push you to step out of your comfort zone. To some people, this might be just what they needed. 

However, some people who are introverted or have social anxiety may find it easier to have an online yoga class within the confines and comfort of their own homes. The sense of safety can heighten their yoga and meditation experience. 

Superprof is one such digital platform that provides personal tutors and private instructors to those seeking guidance. There are various instructors on it available who are offering yoga classes. The website is easy to follow through and has impeccable reviews. Put a stop to those intrusive chaotic thoughts and start your healing journey with Superprof.

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