Chemistry Help Please?!?

1. Which element can form a chloride with a general formula of MCl2 or MCl3?

1. Iron! Fe +2 or Fe+3
(because it can form different ions in different cases)
2. 3 2H2+O2->2H2O
there are four hydrogens and two oxygens on each side, so it’s balanced
3. 2 group 2
oxygen forms a -2 ion so it would form a 1 to 1 ionic compound with elements that form +2 ions, which are found in the second family of the periodic table.
4. 3 mass and charge
5. I think it’s 2 but you can double check that by searching “nickel (II) hypochlorite” in google
6. 3 13 (or 3A) because they have a +3 charge
7. it looks like a single replacement reaction. don’t forget the arrow in the middle.

I really hope you’ve tried all these before asking about them

Source(s): general chem knowledge

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