Capricorn vs aries? who will win in a fight?

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who is the true leader And why?

Just browse the link given below and you’ll get to know about the pros and cons between Capricorns and Aries:…

I’m honestly getting tired of people saying Aries do all the talking, let me ******* tell you something, one time at my school a girl grabbed my arm and when she did, I glared at her only grabbing her wrist and twisting it. I’m also an Aries, so please know that some Aries actually fight and can be smart. Anyways, on the other hand, I’m friends with a Capricorn and they’re hella cool. In my opinion, I think if Aries and Capricorn were fighting another person together, they would be a great team.

Aries! They will win because they cannot stand to lose! Also they are very athletic and physically fit and strong! Aries does things on instinct and is a quick thinker and quick to take action. Capricorn is strong but thinks too much and is slow to act, therefore in a fight Aries will win everytime! Why? Because they are faster!

Everyone is saying Aries because they are ruled by mars, but that is not true.

Trust me, I know a lot more about astrology than all of the people giving you one word answers.

Indicators of a good fighter are found in the birth chart, hard mars pluto aspects, and hard mars urɑɲυꜱ aspects, as well as hard sun mars aspects and harsh mars saturn aspects will make somebody a fighter.

I would say that Aries is very independent making them a leader, but Capricorn is a better leader and they are more mature than aries is. I would rather follow a Capricorn than an Aries.

Jon Jones (the UFC light heavy weight champion) who people thought was invincible, just got the worst beating of his career and the man who gave him a beating was a very humble Capricorn man named Alexander Gustafsson.

To sum it up, it can go either way. It depends on the individual. Don’t be scared.

You didn’t share aspects and you didn’t say what kind of fight.

Physically probably an Aries, mentally a Capricorn.

I think Capricorn is the true leader because you need brains to lead. Not that Aries aren’t smart, they just tend to be driven by anger and determined. Capricorn thrives for perfection in everything they do and will rest with no less. Capricorn is more mature and analyses things before they act. Aries jumps head first in to everything because they are so impulsive and therefore wouldn’t be as good of a leader as Capricorn.

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This can be a draw if is phisically fighting, I’m Capricorn and I can talk wise in a argument but also I can punch you; I saw a lot capricorns that can go impulsive if they get touched, for my experience, I did argue with an Aries women but there was respect between us because Capricorn can also fight till death if we lose our control, so nobody underestimate Capricorn in phisical fights.

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Physical fight? Aries.
True leader? Capricorn.


Capricorn Vs Aries


wait, are they fighting or leading?

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Capricorn vs aries? who will win in a fight?

You might have heard that Capricorn is associated with the sign of the goat and that aries is associated with the sign of the ram. But which signs are really better in a fight? Read on to find out!

What are the signs that show someone is Capricorn?

Some of the signs that show someone is Capricorn are that they are reliable, hardworking, and disciplined. They also tend to be more Conservative than most people, and they have a lot of stability in their lives. On the other hand, Aries people are often more impulsive and adventurous than Capricorn people.

What are the signs that show someone is aries?

There are a few physical signs that show someone is aries. They are usually fast-moving, often have strong opinions and can be quite assertive. They are also often the first to seize an opportunity, so they’re naturally ambitious. Add in a fiery temper and you’ve got someone who is highly likely to be combative.

How Capricorn and aries will act in a fight

Capricorn and aries are two of the most polarizing signs in the zodiac. They come from very different parts of the world and have unique ways of thinking. This can sometimes lead to conflicts, especially in regards to things like work or relationships.

When it comes to fights, Capricorn usually wins because they are more perseverant and disciplined. Aries is often impulsive and will be more likely to resort to physical violence. However, a fight between these two signs is never easy to predict. The outcomes can vary depending on the circumstances and the personalities of the combatants.

The outcome of a fight between Capricorn and aries

Capricorn vs. Aries is a rivalry that has been going on for centuries. The signs have different strengths and weaknesses, but in a fight, it’s hard to say who would come out on top.

Capricorn is known for their stability and discipline. They are reliable and have a lot of self-control, making them tough opponents in a physical altercation. Their strength comes from their sheer size and muscle mass – they are able to hold their own in most fights.

Aries, on the other hand, is more nimble and fast. They are also very passionate about their beliefs and tend to be more aggressive. However, this can also lead to them being less careful with their words and actions, which can make them vulnerable in a fight.

Ultimately, it comes down to who is better prepared for the fight – Capricorn will be more likely to win if they are well-versed in martial arts or any form of self-defense, while Aries will be better equipped if they have quick reflexes and a lot of energy.


In conclusion, it is important to remember that Capricorn and Aries are two different signs with different strengths and weaknesses. Although they often come into conflicts, it’s important to realize that ultimately, each sign has the potential to achieve great things. So when you’re faced with a conflict between these two signs, don’t panic – use your intuition and knowledge of your own sign to make the best decision for yourself!

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