Can snapping turtles jump?

Can snapping turtles jump?

I’ve helped enough snapping turtles across roads and owned enough of them to know that yes, they CAN jump, lemme see if I can find video to back me up…

Edited to add…..
not a great jump, but here’s a start, I’m still looking…

At best a snapping turtle can lunge, but jump and attack something, well that is just nonsense especially if this is a full grown alligator snapping turtle which can weigh upwards of 200 pounds. To put it simply, the physiology of turtles and tortoises is such that they were designed to neither run nor jump.

Givemename is telling the truth. I remember helping a large adult across tho road and it kept jumpin and snappin. It lunged forward with its back legs several times and it looked like it was gettin air. It was only jumpin about 3 or 4 inches forward but it was jumpin or hoppin.

If you mean totally getting themselves off the ground like a frog…NO. They can LUNGE and move very fast when provoked. They have very long necks and can reach almost all the way around their bodies so they need to be handled carefully, especially larger ones. They can and will take off your fingers! I am actually rehabbing one right now to be released when the weather gets warm enough here.

Nope. Turtles are too heavy and their legs too short to jump.

Answer 6

only when they fall off a cliff

Answer 7

try sneaking up on one and shouting ….BOO

only ninja’s

Answer Prime

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