Billy Gibbons of ZZ Topp says to “Always play it in the key of G demolished.” What does that mean?

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This was a quote he gave on the season finale of “Bones” when his character (self) was asked for advice. When the person he said it to said, “I don’t know what that means.” Billy Gibbons replied- “You either know what it means or you don’t.” I don’t. Are there any ZZ Top Fans or musicians who do?

At first I thought he meant key of G diminished, but that isn’t a key, it’s a chord.
If you ignore the ”demolished” part, the key of G Major holds a very easy resonance for the human ear to hear (just slightly better than other keys, mostly) and is easy for singers to match to the range of. Enough so the Garrison Keillor frequently calls for the Star Spangled Banner to be customly played in GM (Instead of Ab or Bb Major) so that the average person can sing it more accesibly, as the melody is a difficult one, spanning an octave and a half. G is one of the most frequently-employed keys across classical and popular music. This is in part because of its relative ease of playing on both keyboard and string instruments.

Okay, there are a lot of theories here, let me come at it from a guitarist’s perspective.
G is one of the easiest, most rounded chords and chord progressions. And Billy Gibbons is a hard core, deep south rocker. Therefore what he means by “Always play in the key of G Demolished” is simply, live life fast, easy and when all else fails, break ****.
Alternatively, he could just mean play in G and add plenty of distortion and crunch. XD

Demolished Meaning

I think if Billy Gibbons said “G demolished” he meant “G Demolished”. He more than most has an
exact handle on a Fender. Very few ever reach the level of a 3 piece band like ZZ top does.
Reverend Billy. “Rock on in demolished my Texan brother.

(((((Linz))))) I think there is judgment and then there is JUDGMENT. When I remind people, as I’m wont to do, that they are judging people in direct contradiction to the gospel they claim to adhere to (Mat 7:1, e.g.), they often come back with something like “we make judgments every day. How can we not?” But you’re right: having opinions,esp. when a person’s actions threaten to harm you, or infringe on your rights, is not only natural, it’s necessary. If a person says, “The Bible says to love each other and not to judge, so, those people who are hating and judging and sneering, even though they call themselves Christians, don’t seem to be very Christian,” that’s an “I” statement that is a more of a fact-based opinion about what I perceive. But when a person says “Because you don’t use the same religious terminology as I do, or because you eat meat on Fridays, or because you sprinkle instead of dunk, you aren’t SAVED and God will send you to hell,” that’s a judgment. It’s a ‘you-statement’ opinion that is presumptuous and arrogant. This is the kind of judgment that Jesus talked about in Mat 7:1 etc. Of course you always have the odd zealot who believes that just to disagree with him is a treacherous act of demoralizing judgment. They tend to be the ones who have no concept that their personal opinions might not be pure, unadulterated fact. In my experience, these tend to be the “blind-faithers” and since they are told not to think about their beliefs, they have no recourse to debate an honest opinion except to complain that you are judging them by disagreeing. Sorry this is so long. Seems like I can’t say anything in less than 2500 words. No, I’m NOT long-winded… I prefer to think of it as *colloquial.*

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Billy Gibbons of ZZ Topp says to “Always play it in the key of G demolished.” What does that mean?
This was a quote he gave on the season finale of “Bones” when his character (self) was asked for advice. When the person he said it to said, “I don’t know what that means.” Billy Gibbons replied- “You either know what it means or you don’t.” I don’t. Are…

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when your playing a cover for a singer the easiest key to play in is G however some artists have a huge range. billy gibbions play for a lot of singers in his time so he allways ended up playng in the key of g…ish. the key of G is good because it supports most singers well by play it demolished or ..ish g is your base that you always return to but you throw in a lile exra when needed so don t get stuck in just the key of G. Play the key of G demolished.

it means to always be ready for the unexpected and be able to change if need be ( or live life off the cuff)

It means live life off the cuff . . .

Maybe it was just what the script


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Billy Gibbons of ZZ Topp says to “Always play it in the key of G demolished.” What does that mean?

Have you ever wondered what Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top thinks about music theory? Wonder no more! In this article, Billy Gibbons gives his interpretation of the key of G, which sounds pretty badass if you ask us.

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ZZ Top

Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top says to “Always play it in the key of G demolished.” What does that mean?

Gibbons is known for his guitar playing skills, and he is quoted as saying this to remind players to play in a key that suits their personal style. He believes that playing in a key that is popular but not necessarily comfortable or flattering can make a guitarist stand out from the pack. Gibbons suggests that players experiment with different keys and see what feels right for them. This advice can help players find their own musical voice and develop a unique sound.


ZZ Top guitarist Billy Gibbons has a few advice for aspiring musicians. In an interview with Guitar World, Gibbons said to always play in the key of G demolished.

“I always play it in the key of G demolished,” he said. “That’s my personal favorite key. It just sounds good to me.”

Gibbons explained that playing in this particular key gives guitarists a wider range of sounds to work with, making it easier to create interesting melodies and solos.

“In the key of G, you’re limited only by your imagination,” he said. “You can do a lot more with that key than any other.”


ZZ Top guitarist Billy Gibbons has a bit of advice for aspiring rock stars: Always play it in the key of G demolished.

Gibbons, who is known for his shredding solos, says that playing in the key of G offers the most harmonic possibilities, which makes it the perfect tuning for rock music.

“If you’re trying to play something heroic and epic and have it sound good in A or D or E, you might as well just give up,” Gibbons says. “The thing about G is that it’s got a lot of harmonic movement.”

Gibbons’ advice may come as a surprise to many guitarists, who often learn songs in one of the standard tonal keys. But Gibbons says that there’s nothing wrong with playing in other keys – as long as you keep your focus on melodies and harmonies.

“If you only think about where to put your fingers on the neck, you’ll be all right,” he says. “But if you start thinking about how cool it would be to do a chip solo in G Minor or something like that, then you’re headed for trouble.”


ZZ Top lead singer Billy Gibbons recently gave a quote about music that many people may find interesting. He said, “Always play it in the key of G demolished.” This may seem like just another way to say to play your music loud, but Gibbons has a reason for saying this.

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Gibbons believes that the key of G is the most important one to play when it comes to rock ‘n’ roll. He says that it’s the perfect key for energy and excitement. This might be why ZZ Top always seems to come across as so energetic live – they’re always playing their music in the key of G.

Key of G

Billy Gibbons, the guitarist for ZZ Top, had some interesting advice for aspiring guitarists. He said that you should always play in the key of G destroyed. Gibbons said that this is the key that gives you the most power and clarity on your guitar playing.


ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons recently gave a speech about the importance of playing music in the key of G. Gibbons says that this is the perfect key for ZZ Top because it “demolishes.” Gibbons believes that by playing in this key, you’ll create a visceral response in your listeners that will make them feel as if they’re right there with you on stage.

What does Gibbons mean by ‘playing it in the key of G demolished’? It’s clear that he means that you should play your music with as much energy and intensity as possible, to bring out the best in it. Playing your music in this way will let your fans experience the raw power and excitement behind your songs like never before.


Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top famously stated “always play it in the key of G demolished.” What did he mean by that? Well, to put it simply, Gibbons believed that every note on a guitar should be played at the highest possible volume. This may seem like common sense, but for many guitar players striving for true tone and depth, playing everything at least a little bit softer can result in a more satisfying overall sound. Experiment with different volumes and tones on your favorite songs and see what you like best – you may find yourself favoring notes and chords that are played at lower volumes.

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