Why doesn’t anybody have the SNL Parody Commercial “Fecal Vision Glasses”? This is one of their funniest!?

This was a late 80’s rip on Eagle Vision Glasses, called Fecal Vision…showed people in a restaurant and putting on these glasses and they got the CSI effect showing where all fecal matter was…hilarious…makes you think twice about ever touching a salad bar again! I can’t find this clip on any search, just comments about … Read more

analysis on lucille clifton poem?

the mississippi river empties into the gulf What a nice piece! You’re generally on the right track with your sense of the overall meaning. With the techniques, well, you did a good thing by asking for some help The personification you identify is somewhat off. Rivers do, in fact carry things. Barges, debris, etc. BUT, … Read more

16 is 40% of what number?

I have to use percent proportion to solve each problem, how do I do that? Well, 16/x=40/100 100(16)=x(40) 1600=x(40) x=40 16 Of 40 In a percent proportion: part/base = percent 16 is part. 40 is percent, or 40/100. 16 x 100 = 1600 40 x n = 40n 1600/40 = 40 40/100 = 16/x cross … Read more