Any way to hack conjuguemos?

My teacher is an idiot and forgot to take off the ‘ This has been blocked by your teacher’ restriction on all of our vocab chapters the weekend before our exam. So I have no way of printing them out. Is there any way I can get past that/ Use something with Tampering the data?

Yes! After you start your game, just type in something random, hit answer.
Then, Type this into the address bar:
javascript: function checkAnswer() {attempted = 101; correct = 92; }
Change the numbers in attempted and correct to hack it.
Say you want to have 40 attempts and 30 correct.
Change the 101 to 40 and the 92 to 30!
I use this all the time!



Open up in Google Chrome, SIgn in and go to whatever activity your teacher wants you to do. Say a random spanish word and press enter, then go to record/send results. it should say 0% (0,1). After that, highlight 0% (0,1) and right click. click on the option, inspect element. It will bring you up to a screen that you are able to change whatever you want. Double click on whereever it says 0% (0,1) in the inspector. then type what you want your answer to be. Clicke enter, then exit out of inspector.

It works every single time for me, so i hope it works for you


Answer 6

Probibly not, The Software used is probibly to Advanced these days, I Have used and tested very similar software myself, Very Good Stuff

Answer 7

For the best answers, search on this site

Don’t do anything that the teacher doesn’t want you to do.

Yell at it.



Why don’t you just learn what your teacher wants you to learn instead? After all, you could spend 5 minutes practicing a verb tense every night using, and after even just a few days I bet you’d see a huge improvement…

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