Any idea where Loyal is in Fallout: New Vegas?

After completing Volare!, Loyal has disappeared. He isn’t in his home, nor is he in the hanger. I’ve looked all around Nellis, and he is nowhere to be found. Any help you can give is appreciated.

let me guess,your trying to do Raul’s quest,old school ghoul and cant because loyal is no where to be found.i ran into the same problem on my second play through,i have reload my save a number of times and he is still no where to be found.the best thing to do is check out the fallout forum and see how other people got him to come back.i know that’s what im going to have to do if i want to do the quest.hope this helps.good luck.

Source(s): over 700 hours in 2 play throughs of fallout new vegas,hard core mode.

After completing Volare! there is this bug that apparently sends Loyal to Black Mountain (don’t waste your time looking for him at Black Mountain, it’s a glitch afterall).. I too have already completed Volare! and need to talk to Loyal for Raul’s companion quest. I cannot find him anywhere in Nellis AFB. Unfortunately if you are looking for him after Volare!, he will not be at his home or the hangar. Basically if you need to talk to Loyal for any reason after Volare!, you’re SOL.

Practical advice for fallout NV, save a lot and save often!

are u sure he didnt die???
it might been a glitch that he just random disappear, what i do is i always save, and the reboot it up??
it has happen to me, and i had to reload the game, and he came back…. just do that….

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