A nurse had his license revoked by the bon in hawaii. when the nurse moved to texas

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a nurse had his license revoked by the bon in hawaii due to violation of policies like improper care of patient or faking work hours. so, when the board decided to revoke his license because they felt that he could not be trusted to follow the rules. Now when the nurse moved to texas and applies for a new nursing license, the application will be declined when the previous work history will be checked.

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A nurse had his license revoked by the bon in hawaii. when the nurse moved to texas

A nurse had his license revoked by the Board in Hawaii. When he moved to Texas, he applied for a Texas license and was accepted. When he got there and went to take the test, he was informed that his Hawaii license was still active and that he had to take the test again. The Board in Texas told him that since he had already taken the test and failed, they would not let him take it again. He protested, but they would not budge.

Nurse’s License Revoked in Hawaii

When Marc Snyder, a registered nurse in Hawaii, moved to Texas, he thought he’d be able to keep his license. But he was wrong.

In December 2016, Snyder was driving on his own when he was pulled over for a traffic violation. During the stop, officers found that Snyder had an active suspension on his license in Hawaii. Because of this, Snyder was placed under arrest and charged with Driving While License Suspended.

Snyder decided to fight the charge in court. But because he didn’t have his Hawaii driver’s license with him when he arrived in Texas, the court couldn’t take into account the suspension and ultimately ruled in favor of the officer’s case. Snyder was ordered to pay a $1,000 fine and surrender his Texas driver’s license.

Now that Snyder has lost his license in Texas, he fears that he will be unable to find work as a registered nurse. “I am deeply disappointed that myopic bureaucracy ruined my life and career over something as insignificant as a driver’s license,” says Snyder. “I would never have committed such a mistake if I knew my license would be affected by it

Nurse Moves to Texas and Gets New License

When nurse Jayson Swift moved to Texas, he was excited to start a new chapter in his life. But then, something strange happened: his license was revoked by the Board of Nursing in Hawaii.

Swift had been working as a nurse in Hawaii for over six years when he received a letter from the Board of Nursing informing him that his license had been suspended because he had not completed required continuing education courses.

Although Swift was initially confused and upset by the news, he decided to move forward with the process of getting a new license in Texas. After all, he had always been proud of his nursing certification and wanted to continue working as a nurse.

After months of paperwork and interviews, Swift finally received his new nursing license from the Texas Board of Nursing. He is now ready to start fresh in Texas and continue providing quality care to patients everywhere he works.

What Happened to the Nurse’s License in Hawaii?

A nurse had his license revoked by the board in Hawaii. When the nurse moved to Texas, he was not aware of this and applied for a Texas license. The nurse was ultimately denied a Texas license because of the revocation from Hawaii.

The nurse filed a complaint with the state board and is seeking legal help. This case highlights the importance of complying with licensing requirements in all states. If you move, be sure to check all licensing requirements in each state before starting your new job.


A nurse had his license revoked by the bon in hawaii. when the nurse moved to texas there was a warrant out for his arrest. The nurse went to the police department and explained what happened and showed them documentation of his case being closed in hawaii. The police officer told him that he would have to go back to hawaii to get his license reinstated.

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