Am I crazy, or can goldfish really blink?

I’ve Googled this before and I read that fish don’t have eyelids, therefore they can’t blink. But when I had my goldfish (there were five) I saw two of them blink on four occasions put together. I know this because I would sit in front of their aquarium and watch them swim around, eat, etc. for long periods at a time (I was an interesting, child lol).

Fish don’t have eyelids. However, they can roll their eyes almost completely inside the sockets, which is effectively an eyelid. They can thus effectively blink (they do this to keep the mucosa free of debris and parasites, much the same reason we blink but without the need to moisturise the surfaces).

Apparently goldfish cant blink or close their eyes. But u never no :p If u believed u saw ur goldfish blink then he probably did I have 4 goldfish and personally i have never seen them blink b4 and i also sit there and watch my goldfish swim around,eat, play etc. lol
Hope this helped

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no they cant blink, they dont have eyelids as their eyes cant dry out like other animals. what you saw was when they look down and up again, and from a certain angle it looks like blinking.

Goldfiish can close there eyes and open them ive seen my goldfish blink. most fish dont blink but goldfish do

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they indeed cannot blink…
HOWEVER! I do know what you are talking about
they can move their eyes around and sometimes it looks like they’re blinking. watch closely and you’ll see.

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No, they can not. They do not have eyelids, and their eyes are constantly hydrated through the water they swim in. Therefore, no need for eye lids.

the simple answer is no….gold fish cannot blink because they don’t have eyelids.

i think they do, or maybe im just seeing things. ;; n ;;


my fish just blinked im not even kidding!!

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