“Allahu A’lam” or “Allahu Alim”?

which is more appropriate to sign off w/ when replying to something islamic related

Allahu alaam means “allah knows best”
al Alim is the name of Allah “the all knowing”

The root word for both is “ilm” which means knowledge.

Allahu Alam

“Allahu Akbar”. It is written and pronounced this way. By the way, don’t you hear this (at least five times a day) when call for prayer is made in your nearby mosque. Tell me honestly, have you really seen a guy being beheaded or a woman being stoned ?

Allahu A’alam… is the correct one because A’alam means the whole world, universe.. so Allah is aware of the whole universe.

Rest Allah knows the best~!

Its Allahu 3lam. Or the second that you said. Im not sure about the rest.

Answer 6

Alim is scholar
Alam is world

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