a friend of mines was arrested yesterday and his charge is Hold Foreign Juris. Can someone please explain this?

Sounds like he also has an outstanding warrant from another county.

Hold Foreign Juris

HOLD-FOREIGN JURIS = hold for foreign jurisdiction. foreign meaning another state,county,town or village area. meaning they had a warrant outside of the area they live in and was stop by a traffic cop then arrested most common for the warrant. or jailed for another charge someplace else such as another state or county or even home county. when arrested they do a 50 check to see if you have charges pending or warrants.if so then they will arrest you and hold you.till the other state or county picks you up to serve time for the charge warrant was for.if the other state or county dont show after set amount of days to pick you up.then the case gets time serve in county or state they are being hold in.then dismissed

Well first you have to know what language that is because it doesn’t sound entirely english. I tried to find the definition on Dictionary.com but nothing came up. If i knew the language i could translate. However it does sound like there is a foreign problem that was never resolved

Source(s): Dictionary.com

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