6 Benefits of Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship

Many states offer foreigners the opportunity to become a citizen of their region on mutually beneficial terms. Collecting a package of papers and submitting the appropriate application to take advantage of the scheme is necessary. In our article, read about how to implement the algorithm and what Antigua and Barbuda citizenship benefits await new citizens.

Overview of Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by investment program

You can get documents for a solid contribution to the region’s economy. There are four ways offered to foreign investors to implement the scheme:

  • an irrevocable contribution to a development fund of $100,000 or more;
  • the University of the West Indies fund for family applications from 6 applicants;
  • purchase of approved apartments of 200 thousand dollars or more;
  • a financial investment in entrepreneurship of one and a half million dollars or more.

An applicant for the Antigua and Barbuda passport by investment scheme also has to pay fees under the terms of the scheme. According to the Immigrant Invest Elena Ruda specialist, applicants receive more detailed information from licensed agents through which they submit the paperwork and application form.

Key benefits of Antiguan citizenship

Foreigners receive an Antiguan document and solid benefits in exchange for their investment. The application is considered for 90 days, and foreigners become full-fledged citizens of the Caribbean state 4 weeks after that. The legislation of the region authorizes migrants not to abandon their homeland. Applicants must spend at least five days on the island within five years after receiving the status to not lose the status. If this condition is met, citizenship is retained for life.

Visa-Free Travel

The Caribbean document is one of the strongest in the world. Cosmopolitans can visa-free countries with Antiguan passport without additional authorizations. These are 151 destinations around the globe. This offer is especially relevant for entrepreneurs who make international deals. There is no need for a visa with the new document. Cosmopolitans can stay longer in regions that have signed a corresponding agreement with the state.

Investment Opportunities

Investors can establish or expand their business in the region. Transactions in European financial institutions become available to them, simplifying currency control. In many ways, the developed tourism sector is an excellent opportunity for successful and profitable investments.

Tax Advantages

Antigua and Barbuda citizenship pros are also concerned about the loyal tax environment for large companies and individuals. The region is known for its low tax rates: social contributions are 6%, and VAT does not exceed 15%. In addition, export goods are not subject to this tax.

Lifestyle and Quality of Life

You can consider the region not only from a commercial point of view. The island is a reserve airfield for many cosmopolitans. It has a developed infrastructure and everything necessary for a comfortable life. Couples and wealthy retirement-age applicants choose the mild, warm climate and safe environment. The region’s passport allows you to obtain medical care in local hospitals and consider European and American clinics for treatment and rehabilitation.

Educational Opportunities

Children under 16 years receive free education on the island. Teachers from Great Britain and the States teach in public and private schools. Students learn about their future profession at a medical school or a branch of the University of the West Indies, which participates in the investment algorithm. If a family of six chooses to donate to the institution, one candidate will have access to one year of free education.

Second Passport Benefits

Advantages of Antigua and Barbuda passport are available to all investors regardless of their nationalities. In addition to the principal applicant, his children, siblings, regardless of age, and parents over 55 can participate in the program. The only condition is financial dependence on the lead applicant. The document allows you to travel not only to approved states but also gives you the right to apply for a long-term American visa.


Over the last ten years, Antigua’s citizenship algorithm has allowed many cosmopolitans to gain freedom and improve their socio-economic status. This algorithm is simple and convenient for foreign nationals, and cooperation with licensed agents will make the procedure fast and increase the chances of approval.

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