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Take the following free personality test: https://www.16personalities.com/free-personality-test You will receive one of a possible 16 results. Once you complete the test, make a note of the letter
combination you are given. It will be something like: ISFJ – A …. or ENTP – B …. it should look something like
that. Read the description provided of your personality type and the
information provided about your personality type on the site. You can also use the first four letters and do an internet
search of that personality type to learn more about it, possible
career matches, etc. When I say, “the first four letters” … I
mean that you would search “ISFJ” rather than “ISFJ – A” when doing
your internet search. Write about what you learned from taking this personality
assessment and how you can apply it practically to your life.
Please ensure that your submission is at least 3 full paragraphs in
length and be ready to discuss your personality type and the test
in general during the next class.

There are two types of personality test Myers Briggs personality
test and enneagram test. Here we’re discussing about Myers Briggs
type indicator MBTI. MBTI test helps you to understand about how
people perceive the world and make decisions. It helps you to
understand about your behaviour, character and decisions making. It
gives a clear idea about one’s self. The test attempts to assign
four categories based on introversion or extraversion, sensing or
intuition, thinking or feeling and judging or perceiving. Based on
this categorisation there are 16 personalities.
Based on the test my personality is INFJ-T. Introverted
Intuition, Feelings and Judgement. INFJ again classified into two
as INFJ-A and INFJ-T. A stands for Assertive and T stands for
Turbulence. In my case the test result is 100% true. I’m an highly
introverted person. I make decisions or judgement based on my
intuition and feelings. INFJs have a deep sense of idealism and
The MBTI personality test helps you to gain a deep understanding
of about yourself and helps you to realise the best career choices
you can make. INFJs are creative masterminds and effective
communicators. The best career choices for INFJs are
counselors,writers, acting, music, photography, designing and

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