11 Factors that Motivate Learners to Pursue Accredited Online BBA Programs

The need for online learning is steadily growing because as students qualify their 12th-class exams, some become career-oriented and want to aid themselves and their families financially. Therefore, they choose to work over higher education. While at a more significant level, many students may face obstacles such as travelling to a reputed college or a university and their unmatching daily routine with their studying schedule. Students have to pay high expenses to complete a regular accredited degree that will result in achieving them a career.

To empower learners and become equipped with advanced skills that cater to the needs of the rapidly growing global economy while supporting their lives, an online BBA degree from India’s number 1 private university, Chandigarh University, is the perfect option. 

The requirement for employees with sharp managerial and business skills is in high demand as the economy is rapidly growing. Organisations require managers who can operate between the upper management and the employees at the operational level. For this very reason, pursuing an online BBA from Chandigarh University that focuses on imparting core industry skills to its learners becomes highly essential. Through this write-up, let’s dive deeper into knowing: – 

The motivating factors that convince learners to pursue online BBA 

1. Globally Recognised and Accredited Degree Program

Learners must be careful while enrolling in an online degree program. They must thoroughly check the accreditation and affiliations of an institution before enrolling in its online learning program. Online degree programs, such as an online BBA from Chandigarh University, are UGC-entitled and NAAC A+ accredited. These are the trademarks of an online degree that make learners trust an institution and ensure them that they will receive quality education that results in the development of their skills and increases their chances of employability.

2. High Salary Potential

A prospective employee expects a high-paying job after completing their education. The salary that learners would receive after completing a particular degree is an essential factor in choosing a specific course. An online BBA degree from Chandigarh University is equally evaluated in the job market, and as compared to having other qualifications, BBA graduates are better compensated. An online BBA degree from Chandigarh University equips learners with adequate skills that are valuable for the growth of organisations. Online BBA graduates can explore job opportunities in broader domains such as marketing, economics, accounting, banking, finance, insurance, and related sectors. 

3. Develop Leadership Skills

Organisations require employees who can manage a team and work simultaneously. They seek managers with the required skill set to motivate and guide them to produce quality work. In an online BBA program, learners can master the theories of business and entrepreneurship, which upon application, reflects their leadership skills in recognised organisations.

4. Empowers Career Growth

Learners, who want to get hired, get promoted in jobs, or explore more career choices, can enrol in an online BBA degree from Chandigarh University. This online business management degree equips learners with exemplary leadership and management skills needed in management and commerce profiles, required by many MNC’s now a days. 

5. Build A Reliable Network

In a classroom setup, students interact with other students who are of a similar age group and with same teachers routinely who primarily focus on covering the syllabus, but in an online BBA program, learners interact with fellow learners worldwide. Special classes are conducted by industry experts who share their valuable knowledge and rich experiences with learners, thus giving learners global exposure and networking opportunities. As learners are connected to other learners associated with various professions, the sphere of their interactions with each other expands, generating employment awareness worldwide and even motivating learners to venture into new business domains.

6. Develop Skills of Learners

In online BBA sessions, learners’ communication skills grooms effectively. They get opportunities to interact with each other in a network of the best alumni members, mentors, peers and industry leaders, which polishes their personality. A well-groomed BBA graduate with top-notch communication skills can create a powerful impression on the audience, making him/her a highly sought-after candidate in reputed organisations globally.

7. Gain Knowledge of F.A.M.E.

Online BBA from Chandigarh University renders knowledge of Finance, Accounting, Management, and Economics. An online BBA graduate from Chandigarh University masters the knowledge of all these subjects, and they become in-demand professionals by various organisations globally. The advantage of having the understanding of FAME is its application in every aspect of life. The knowledge of FAME can be utilised in calculating taxes, checking accounts books, preparing balance sheets, and even for simple tasks such as managing your everyday finances.

8. Ample Specialisation Options to Avail

Pursuing an online BBA from Chandigarh University is exceptionally beneficial for learners. They get to choose from various options as their specialisation subject. Marketing, human resources, management, and entrepreneurship are among the prime options that can be considered a specialisation subject in your BBA online program from Chandigarh University. Reputed companies give a higher priority to those learners who have empowered their online BBA degrees with the aforementioned specialisation.

9. Imparts Entrepreneurial Skills

Running your business requires business understanding that an online BBA program from Chandigarh University develops in its learners. Entrepreneurs venture into their own companies. They are their own bosses; they follow their business strategy and, ultimately, fulfil their dream of running their own business, thus can also help you become job providers rather than job seekers.

10. Budget Friendly

Enrolling in an online BBA program from Chandigarh University is inexpensive. The semester fees are low and within the budget of learners worldwide. It even comes with scholarship options making it a more attractive option and a highly encouraging factor for learners to choose.

11. Earn and Learn Simultaneously

You can continue to work in your profile while enrolling in an online BBA degree. An online BBA degree from Chandigarh University does not affect your job as the schedule of classes in an online degree has flexible timings. Learners can even choose the exam schedule that is most suited to them. 


Now that you have gone through the factors that motivate learners to pursue an online BBA degree from Chandigarh University, you can think over it and consider pursuing it to speed up progress in your career. With more foreign nations investing in India and more companies coming up, even in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities, the need for management professionals is increasing. Therefore, pursuing an online BBA from reputed institutions such as Chandigarh University is the need of the hour. It imparts students with managerial skills within their comfort zone and also gives them the knowledge necessary to thrive in their careers. Online BBA is also a great choice for those who could not complete their graduation due to their family responsibilities and busy professional life. 

An online BBA from India’s number 1 private university, Chandigarh University, prepares a perfect foundation for those who wish to advance their qualification and pursue an MBA degree that promises assured management opportunities. Otherwise, those who aspire to take jobs after an online BBA degree are equally valued and recognised in the job market.

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