1.What is the electron-domain (charge-cloud) geometry of BrI5?

2. What is the molecular geometry of BrI5?

Do you mean Br F5 ? As far as I know Br I5 does not exist but anyway geometry would be the same.

1) Octahedral – The central atom has 7 outer es add in 5 from the X5 = 12 = 6 pairs.
2) Square pyramid
3) 90degrees
4) you need 6 orbitals – s p3 is 4 so add in 2 ds. sp3d2

Electron Cloud Geometry

the geometry should be Trigonal bipyramidal some of the bond angles are 120 and some are 90 so go with 90 deg as the smallest

are you sure you have read the question correctly?

if it is just a hypothetical molecule it will be trigonal bipyramidal with 90 degrees as shortest angle.

The hybrisation about Br is not known.


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