Which statement correctly lists the four forces from the weakest to the strongest?

Which assertion appropriately lists the 4 forces from the weakest to the strongest? a. electromagnetism, gravitational, weak nuclear, sturdy nuclearb. gravitational, weak nuclear, electromagnetism, sturdy nuclear.c. sturdy nuclear, electromagnetism, gravitational, weak nucleard. weak nuclear, gravitational, sturdy nuclear, electromagnetism

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I am nearly optimistic it will be letter selection B.

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The reply is B), gravitational, weak nuclear, electromagnetism, sturdy nuclear.

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“The strongest is robust nuclear, the subsequent strongest is electromagnetism, then weak nuclear, and the weakest is gravitational.” Rationalization: There are 4 elementary forces current within the universe. 1. Gravitational power 2. Sturdy nuclear power 3. Electromagnetic power 4. Weak nuclear power Sturdy nuclear power is the strongest power within the universe. It binds quarks collectively. Electromagnetic power is the second sturdy power. It acts between electrically charged particles similar to protons, neutrons and so forth. Weak nuclear power is a weaker power which is answerable for particle decay. Gravitational power is the weakest power. It acts between objects having mass. Therefore, the proper possibility is (c).

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Electromagnetism is a department of Physics, offers with the electromagnetic power that happens between electrically charged particles.

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its D.Electromagnetism can repel. i simply took the check and that is the proper reply.

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Sturdy Nuclear power: it’s the brief vary power and strongest elementary power in all kind of forces. Electromagnetism: that is the power because of magnetic and electrical conduct of the particles. It’s reasonable kind of power and its vary is greater than Nuclear power. Weak Nuclear Power: This power can also be brief vary power which act between the nucleoside. However this power can also be reasonable kind of power Gravitational power: this power is between two level plenty and least order of power. additionally the vary of this power is upto infinite. so the proper order of this elementary power is robust nuclear, electromagnetism, weak nuclear, gravitational

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The proper reply of this query is : C i.e Gravitational < Weak nuclear power < Electromagnetic power < Sturdy nuclear power. EXPLANATION: There are 4 elementary forces in nature that are generally known as gravitational power, weak nuclear power, electromagnetic power and robust nuclear power. Out of those 4 elementary forces, the gravitational power is the weakest forces in nature,however has infinite vary. Weak nuclear power is produced because of W/Z bosons. Therefore, it's stronger than gravitational power however weaker as in comparison with electromagnetic and robust nuclear power. It's a brief vary power. Electromagnetic power is the third one which is weaker as in comparison with sturdy nuclear power however has infinite vary. Sturdy nuclear power is a brief vary, spin dependent sturdy engaging power that arises between nucleons because of trade of mesons.

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Hope this helps!

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The solutions are : Electromagnetism has an infinite vary. Electromagnetism can entice. Electromagnetism can repel.  In electromagnetic power; reverse prices entice, whereas like prices repel. Like gravity, electromagnetism has an infinite vary.

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