Which of the following statements is NOT true regarding process mapping?

Question 3

Explanation: Coordination simply means organizing and making planned arrangement of a complex structure in other to attain the expected level of efficiency or performance. Coordination mapping refers to process approach whereby coordinated services are rendered to clients based on requested services which his delivered to the client in a coordinated format involving the provider of the service and the client. Thus approach to process mapping helps achieve a very high level of efficiency and service delivery.

C) ​Time-function mapping extends​ value-stream mapping to include suppliers.

C. Time-function mapping extends​ value-stream mapping to include suppliers Explanation:

mapping activities, improving process and executing processes. Explanation: Process analysis is a method used by management of a business to evaluate various processes in the entire organisation or in a department. The main focus of process analysis is increased efficiency of the process under consideration. Process analysis considers the process itself, parties that interact in the process, and information exchange structure. Also improvements to current practice is identified for future implementation

The correct answer is B. Business process management tools
. Explanation: Business process management (BPM) is used to map, evaluate and optimize all structures, processes and workflows within a company. With the BPM approach, business processes are also analyzed globally, visualized and sometimes recorded. Therefore, business process management is very holistic, but the details of certain business processes are not lost. In this way, companies achieve very good plans for processes, such as the orientation of automation software or the most appropriate reformatting of a particular department.

Answer 6

Business process mapping (or modeling)   refers to:  “the activity of creating a detailed flow chart or process map of a work process showing its inputs, tasks, and activities, in a structured sequence”.

Answer 7

The correct answer is:  [C]:  “business process model” .

Answer Prime

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