what’s the meaning of Pat and Turner?

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what exactly does Pat and turner mean? some old woman was telling me it means to walk. anyone ever heard this? and also she may have been saying pat and turn out idk. any ideas?

Pat and Turner are not people, but your feet.


Pat the streets as in walking and turn corners.
A smart a– answer for being unemployed.

it means pat your feet and turn the corner

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what’s the meaning of Pat and Turner?

Pat and Turner are two fictional characters who starred in the television series “The Simpsons”. Over the years, their names have acquired special meaning among fans of the show. So what does Pat Turner stand for, and what does Turner mean? Read on to find out!

What is the meaning of Pat and Turner?

Pat and Turner are a couple who have been married for over 40 years. They have two children and six grandchildren. Pat has always been very active in her community, serving on many boards and committees. Turner has also been very involved in his community, working as a volunteer firefighter and serving on the school board.

Their story is an example of the importance of civic engagement. Pat and Turner have always tried to give back to their community by being involved in important projects and making a difference in the lives of others. They exemplify the meaning of “service above self”, which is an important lesson to learn in life.

Origin of Pat and Turner

Pat and Turner are two Canadian comedians who have been performing together since the early 1990s. They are known for their quick wit and engaging humor.

The name Pat and Turner is a play on the well-known phrase “turner, turn it up” which is often used in nightclubs to get people to dance. The comedians chose this name because it was easy to remember and rhymes with their other act, Turner and Hooch.

Pat and Turner began their comedy careers in small clubs in Ontario, Canada. In 1992, they made their national television debut on CBC’s The New Show. Since then, they have performed all over Canada, the United States, Australia, England, Scotland and Ireland.

In addition to their stand-up comedy routine, Pat and Turner are well-known for their improv comedy skills. They have appeared on numerous television shows, including Children in the Hall, Late Night with Conan O’Brien, Key & Peele and The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

The meaning of Pat and Turner is simple but humorous – two Canadian comedians who have been entertaining audiences for over two decades.

What does the pat symbolize?

Pat is a common symbol used in many cultures and its meaning can vary depending on the context. In some cases, patting someone on the back may be seen as a gesture of goodwill or congratulations. In other cases, patting someone on the shoulder could indicate that person is being punished or scolded. As for Turner, the name is derived from Turner’s Cross, a landmark in Maidenhead, Berkshire, England. The cross was erected in 1839 by Reverend Henry Turner as a memorial to his late daughter.

What does the Turner stand for?

Pat is an old word meaning a short piece of wood or metal used as a staff or measuring device. Turner is a surname which may derive from the Middle English word tournour, meaning someone who staffs or measures.


In baseball, Pat and Turner are the batting and pitching tandem for the San Francisco Giants. If you want to know what their names mean, that’s where Wikipedia comes in. According to the website, Pat is short for Patrick and Turner is short for Tyler. Not too much more information seems to be available about them other than their nicknames.

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