What’s the current Mark Levin show bumper music?

The main theme is Lincoln Park, Somewhere I Belong, but what’s the rest?

I wonder if Mark Levin really listens to the lyrics of his show bumper music, or does he just like the musical quality of the song… And, have you ever noticed the lyrics to Sean Hannity’s music for his show…”Independence Day” (lyrics below)

I had nothing to say
and i get lost in the nothingness inside of me
(i was confused)
and i live it all out to find, but im not the only person wit these things in mind
(inside of me)
but all that they can see the words revealed
is the only real thing that i got left to feel
(nothing to lose)
just stuck hollow and alone
and the fault is my own and the fault is my own

Well she seemed all right by dawn’s early light though she looked a little
Worried and weak she tried to pretend he wasn’t drinkin’ aagain but daddy left
The proof on her cheek and I was only eight years old that summer and I always
Seemed to be in the way so I took myself down to the fair in town on
Independence day

Well word gets a round in a small, small town they said he was a dangerous man
But mama was proud and she stood her ground she knew she was on the losin’ end
Some folks whispered some folks talked but everybody looked the other way and
When time ran out there was no one about on indpendence day

Chours: let freedom ring, let the white dove sing let the whole world know that
Today is a day of reckoning let the weak be strong, let the right be wrong roll
The stone away, let the guilty pay, it’s independence day

Well she lit up the sky that fourth of july by the time the firemen come they
Just put out the flames and took down some names and send me to the county home
Now I ain’t sayin’ it’s right or it’s wrong but maybe it’s the only way talk
About your revolution it’s indeƿє-ṅєdnce day

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Mark Levin Bumper Music

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What’s the current Mark Levin show bumper music?
The main theme is Lincoln Park, Somewhere I Belong, but what’s the rest?

Levin didn’t have to go after Cheney for dropping the f-bomb because the rest of the media was already doing it. Since nobody else in the media will report Biden dropping the f-bomb, Levin does it for them. For the record, I don’t much care about a politician swearing. Everyone does it. Biden’s said some pretty retarded things that are far more worthy of criticism.

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