what score did the monkey get when it took the ACT exam?

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here’s the research NASA did when they trained a monkey. pretty phenomenal stuff.

Monkey Act Score


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what score did the monkey get when it took the ACT exam?

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No, your ACT score is not affected by the state you test in. If you go to school in a state with a better educational system, your score should be higher (due to better preparation), but taking the test in a different state will not affect your score in any way.

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ha ha… no hon the question is what did YOU get on your ACT exam?!

By the way monkeys cannot take ACT exams. ugh..i guess i got proved wrong by mr.two-above-me!! but what a stupid thing to do

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No one know because he went bananas!


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what score did the monkey get when it took the ACT exam?

The monkey took the ACT exam and we have the results! Weighing in at just under a pound, this primate scored a 23 on the ACT, which is just below the 25 cutoff for college admission in the US. While we can’t say for certain how well it would have done if it were human, this score does demonstrate that primates are adept at performing certain cognitive tasks – such as calculating and problem-solving – which could be beneficial in fields such as medicine or law.

The ACT is a college entrance exam

The monkey got a score of 18.

The monkey was very excited to take the ACT exam. It worked hard studying for the test and was really pleased with its score of 18. This shows that even monkeys can get good grades if they put in the effort!

The Monkey took the ACT

The monkey got a score of 18. It is unknown what the monkey’s ACT score means, but it is likely that it was good because it is a common score for colleges.

What score did the Monkey get?

The monkey took the ACT exam and got a score of 24.


Hopefully this article on the ACT score for monkeys has shown you that there is more to the ACT test than simply high scores. By learning about how the scoring works and what factors are taken into account, hopefully you’ll be better equipped to answer the questions on the ACT and achieve your best possible score.

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