what is the english meaning of Vule Vuvu Che Avey Gua?

it was from lil wayne remiz on swizz beat

The actual (French) line is ,”Voulez-vous coucher avec moi?” It means ,”Would you go to bed with me?” or “Do you want to sleep with me?” The preferred answer of course is,”Oui, bien sur.” (“Yes, certainly.”) Hope it works for you, whichever end of the line you’re on. Bye!

Source(s): My knowledge of French. I am bilingual.

Vule Vuvu Che Avey Gua

Vu Vu Song

Which is originally from Moulin Rouge…

Voulez-vous couchez avec moi, ce soir?

Do you want to go to bed with me, tonight?

Source(s): 5 years of French… although I have trouble speaking and writing it properly (I was taught by a non-native speaker for 3 of the years), I can read it.

Your French is unbelievably bad. Get an education.

Answer 6

can u tell me the name of this song or remix

Answer 7

Sleep with me tonight…


thks for making me laugh…

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