What is the difference between Kuk Sool Won and Tae Kwon Do?

Stupid homework question that i can’t find the answer to anywhere! Thanks for your help!

To my knowledge, Tae Kwon Do was developed in the 20th century as a unified national art by a committee of masters from different indigenous Korean martial arts. It is primarily a striking art with some grappling techniques. Though since it was accepted in the Olympics and became an Olympic sport, it has evolved into a kicking oriented art today. Kuk Sool Won on the other hand is a traditional Korean martial art that teaches the use of different traditional Korean weapons like the sword, staff, fan and other exotic weapons used in Korea’s history much like Japanese Kubudo..

Tae kwon do is the national South Korean art. It is a unification of nine arts and is influenced by
Japanese karate. Kuk Sool is from an area close to the China /North Korea border, and it is very much like kung-fu. There are animal forms and exotic weaponry. Kuk sool is also more concerned with chi development that tkd.

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