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What is a Condenser Microphone? – How does Condenser Microphone works?

Whether you are in a live show or a podcast you will need a microphone to get to your audience. Though both scenarios are different and thus you will need to use the right type of microphone for your event. Here we will help you to know more about the condenser microphone which is mostly used in the recording studio.

If you are in a hurry, here is a quick takeaway on condenser microphones-

  • A condenser microphone is that type of microphone which gives you high sensitivity and fidelity level.
  • It has a membrane also known as a diaphragm which is set close to the metallic backplate of the microphone. 
  • When the voice hit a diaphragm, the difference between the pressure of the Black plate and the diaphragm is recorded which helps to produce the sound.

However, you must read till the end to know all the related facts to the condenser microphone. 

What is a Condenser microphone?

A condenser microphone is that type of microphone which gives you high sensitivity and fidelity level. Such types of microphones are generally used in studio-type environments. You will find these types of microphones when you are going for recording in a studio or you can use them in your home studio. It also gives you a higher frequency range as compared to other types of microphones. Condenser microphones are generally used in studios because they pick up low sound as compared to higher ones. 

What is the diaphragm?

A diaphragm is a thin membrane that helps to produce external sound from the microphone. It is that part of the microphone which is found in the capsule of the microphone vibrating against the black plate in the microphone. It takes up the acoustic energy, converts it into electrical energy, and then produces the final sound. To conduct the electricity with more effectiveness, it is covered up with a coating material generally gold.

How does a condenser microphone work?

  • A condenser microphone has a membrane which is also known as the Diaphragm. The diaphragm is covered in gold for conducting electricity. 
  • The diaphragm is set close to the metallic backplate. When the sound hits on the diaphragm it produces vibrations. 
  • The difference between the pressure of the Black plate and the diaphragm is recorded.
  • It then translates it and produces the sound waves after amplifying it. These soundwaves are produced in the recording software.

How to use the Condenser microphone on your laptop?

To use the condenser microphone on your laptop you need to follow the given steps-

  • Install the required software on your laptop/computer. Check on the instructions for better results.
  • Place your microphone close to your computer. You will need to place it away by 4-16 inches from it. Avoid any kind of thing that may cause a disturbance in your recording.
  • To ensure that it is taking the right sound which is directly hitting it, you will need to set up the microphone at (b)Cardio(/b). 
  • The next step is to connect your headphones to the microphone. You will need to add the wire in the output markets as the (b)phones(/b).
  • You will need to control the sound on your computer by setting up the digital audio workstation on it(DAW). 
  • After it, you will need to change the setting of your computer. Turn down the main output level of the computer and shift the microphone.
  • Change the sound input up to half of the DAW. It will help you to listen to your voice. 
  • Set the headphones and produce some noise to check the settings. You can change the settings of it as per your need.

What is the other 2 different type of microphones?

As you now know what is a condenser microphone, let us now see some of the other commonly used microphones-

Dynamic microphones

These are the microphone that we have usually seen in various fests, shows, functions, etc. They are the ones that are suitable for the loud voice. In it, the sound produced hits the diaphragm of the microphone and produces electricity. This electricity then produces the sound. It is done by the process in which the electricity is increased with the help of a transformer and then send to the microphone’s output by creating the sound.

Ribbon microphone

It is one of the microphones which is used to create sound with the help of thin aluminium or the nanofilm of the electricity produced within it. The electricity in it is produced by the conductive ribbon placed between the poles of the magnet. This electricity is converted into sound with the help of electromagnetic induction.


A condenser microphone is one that helps to record low sound. These types of microphones are usually found in recording studios. You can record higher frequency in it. They help you to give more sensitive and accurate sound and recording. They take up the internal sound signals from you and convert them into the output sound by the vibrations produced within the diaphragm and the backplate. You can also use it by setting it up with your computer or laptop. 


How are condenser microphones different from dynamic microphones?

Dynamic microphones are a better option when you are recording the live stream or are at live shows or events. In short, they are used when you are recording loud music. On the other hand, a condenser microphone is used when you are recording in your home studio or the recording studio. This means that it is generally used to record sound which is not too loud.

What are the different types of diaphragms?

The diaphragm is the part that helps to convert acoustic energy into electrical energy. To convert it into electrical energy, the diaphragm is covered with a coating of gold. They are like the tiny speaker within the microphone which helps to produce the sound. There are two types of Diaphragm: Small and Large. Small diaphragms are the ones that are used for higher frequency. It helps to maintain a consistent polar pattern. Whereas, large diaphragms are the ones that do not maintain consistent polar patterns.

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