What Exactly is a Dedicated Team Model: Benefits and Team Structure`

What Exactly is a Dedicated Team Model: Benefits and Team Structure

While most firms have previously adopted remote work, they may now add talent from across the globe to their teams. The simplest way to do this is to form a specialized software development team inside an experienced organization. To overcome the local talent gap, well-established enterprises and rising startups are already using a specialized team strategy. In this post, we will discuss the major features of the dedicated team model.

What Exactly is a Dedicated Team Model?

In the context of software development, the phrase “dedicated development team” refers to a long-term partnership between a customer (an outsourced firm) and a service provider (a dedicated development team). All dedicated team members, like your in-house teams, work only for you. The dedicated staff, on the other hand, normally works remotely and full-time, reporting directly to the customer. This collaborative approach works well for projects with broad scopes and needs.

The DT model may be used to employ professionals such as software engineers, designers, project and product managers, QA specialists, and business analysts. You can learn more about this here: https://devoxsoftware.com/services/dedicated-team/

What Exactly is a Dedicated Team Structure?

A dedicated development team is often identical to the one that corporations have in their offices on a regular basis. Each person has a role, but their skills, duties, and flow may alter based on the model’s definition. Let’s take a deeper look at the specialized project team structure, how software is developed here, and who the major players are.

  • Front- and backend developers create the user interface for a website or app. They are in charge of the server components of multi-tier systems, with a concentration on online services, data storage, and website interface functionality. One of the most popular solutions among developers right now is node.js development, which makes it easy to create digital products.
  • Quality assurance engineers evaluate the specifications and technical design documents to guarantee fast, relevant, and meaningful feedback.
  • UX/UI designers gather user insights, plan user journeys, prototype, and produce a visual representation of the product’s content. They are in charge of the product’s usability and accessibility.
  • DevOps engineers collaborate with other developers to improve coordination across operations, development, and testing departments.
  • By examining processes, determining requirements, and presenting data-driven recommendations and reports to executives and stakeholders, business analysts bridge the gap between IT and the business.
  • Project managers are ultimately accountable for the project’s success. They develop a roadmap, plan, conduct check-ups, and complete the project, ensuring that everything works well in all aspects of the assignment.

The Benefits of a dedicated Team


Choosing a specialized team approach is cost-effective. Aside from the enormous cost disparities between specialized teams and in-house developers, it is also more lucrative than project-based collaboration models. This is mostly determined by the project’s specifications and the size of the specialized team, which reduces the price for this model by 10-20%.

Concentrated Approach

A targeted approach is one of the most significant benefits of a specialized project team. Everyone participating in the project will focus only on it, dismissing any possible distractions. That is not all. The team is adaptable—it may be reconfigured at any moment to meet the project’s current requirements and demands, resulting in a speedier completion and better outcomes.

The Team Has the Necessary Competence and Experience For the Assignment

When looking for an external team for a certain project, you may identify developers with the precise experience that you want. When you explain the specifications of your project to the service provider, they will most likely recommend a team that already has comparable works in their portfolio, so onboarding will take less time and resources. Professionals with appropriate skills will also be of use to you during your partnership, as they may identify things that you were unaware of.

Control is Increased With a Dedicated Team

The customer has complete control over the recruitment, motivation, and management of dedicated team members. You may manage highly skilled and competent specialists, project managers, equipment, resources, and infrastructure depending on project needs using the APP Solutions dedicated team model.


Often, a firm needs just one software product, and employing in-house engineers is too expensive. You will spend a significant amount of effort hiring and onboarding them to become a distinct part of the team after the product is out. The specialized model is a fantastic choice for avoiding such complications.

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