What does tumble dry low “remove promptly mean”?

I always see it on the tag and i dont kno what remove promptly means

take it out of the dryer IMMEDIATLY after it finished drying and hang it up cause it wrinkles easily.
and use a high quality hanger or u’ll get the little bumps in ur clothes shoulders

return the favor?

Promptly Meaning

It means don’t let it sit in the dryer after it ends its cycle. Just make sure you take it out as soon as the cycle completes.

take it out promptly when the dryer cuts off

It means as soon as the cycle is done pull the laundry out.

Answer 6

Are ya kidding, you can’t figure this one out? That’s pretty bad, huh! It means take it out of the dryer as soon as it stops! Get it?

Answer 7

Take the laundry out when the laundry is done. This is so it doesnt get wrinkled.

Source(s): Lots of experience

take it out right when the dryer is done so it doesnt get wrinkled.

You’ll will not be arrested

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