what does 3-6 business days mean?

what does 3-6 business days mean? im confused because i ordered something and it said 3-6 business days.

Monday through Friday are business days. Saturday and Sunday are not business days. When counting the days, exclude Saturday and Sunday. If you order something on a Thursday for example, and it says you will receive the package in 3-6 business days, it means the earliest it would arrive would be Tuesday and the latest would the 6 business days so the Friday of the next week from your order day, if you order on a Thursday. If you order on a Monday, the following Monday would be the 6th business day.

Business days are Mondays through Fridays that aren’t bank holidays. Assume it’s going to take 6 business days although it might come sooner

business days are monday through friday, except for holidays

it means that weekends don’t count.
so, if you ordered something on a monday, it will arrive anywhere between,thursday and the following tuesday.

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