What did walter fleming identify during cell division

What did walter fleming determine throughout cellular division

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Walther Flemming determined chromosomal partitioning in between mom and child cells. He saw that chromosomes were “doubled’ when they appeared in prophase. Flemming was the very first individual to information the chromosomal motions in the procedure of mitosis. In 1879, he utilized aniline dyes to stain cells of salamander embryos. He had the ability to see the threadlike product as cells divide. Much of what is understood today about mitosis originated from the observations by Flemming which were considerable for later operate in Meiosis and the theory of inheritance including chromosomes.

Response 2

Walter Fleming studied the procedure of cellular division. He studied the department into 2 parts of chromosomes. This procedure is called mitosis. Walther Flemming – German doctor, anatomist, zoologist, creator of cytogenetics.

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