Was Kissin Kate barlow real?

Was Kissin KAte Barlow a real outlaw or person?


Kissin Kate Barlow

Kissin Kate Barlow was a fictional character from the book and movie Holes.

kissin kate barlow was fiction but the book holes was based on a true story dont belive any one else im telling the truth and the girl based on kissin kate barlow was a real out law bye-bye

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Kissin Kate Barlow is a fictional character made up by Loius Sachar.

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If you look on google it has a brief summary of Kissin’ kate barlow.

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the character is based off a real women!
Kissin’ Kate Barlow aka Jayena Collins
she was lived in texas


She is real to me.. hehehe

OK, no… its realistic for someone to do that.. i mean anything is possible today… people can really go that crazy… but in reality… Kissing Kate Barlow is fake. She is just a legend.

I was just searching about that too… my sister asked!

no..its a disney movie…if shes real stanley yelnats is real..if ur just now watching tht on tv right now..ur way behind


No. The book holes is fiction. Nothing in it is real. But it does sound realistic.


I don’t think so

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