Typical household bleach has a ph of 13. what is the h3o+ concentration in household bleach?

Typical family bleach has a ph of 13. what’s the h3o+ focus in family bleach?

Clarification:- pH  is the measure of acidity or alkalinity of an answer. Acids have pH starting from 1 to six.9 and bases have pH starting from 7.1 to 14. pH is calculated by taking detrimental logarithm of hydrogen ion focus. We’re given: Family bleach has a pH of 13 Thus focus in family bleach is .

1.0 and -13 is your solutions

1.00×10^n M n -13 Clarification:

The focus in family bleach is . Clarification: The pH of the answer is outlined as detrimental logarithm of ions within the resolution. Given the pH equal to the 13 The focus in family bleach is .

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[H₃O⁺]=10^(-pH) [H₃O⁺]=1.0·10⁻¹³ mol/L

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