Thallium consists of 29.5%ti-203 and 70.5%ti-205. what is the relative atomic mass of thallium?

Thallium consists of 29.5%ti-203 and 70.5%ti-205. what is the relative atomic mass of thallium? 203am

This is basically a ratio math problem. We have two different masses and a known percentage of each. Combining them into a weighted-average mass is done by multiplying each mass by the weight percent and adding them up. 0.295 x 203 + 0.705 x 205 = 59.885 + 144.525 = 204.4

B. 204 amu Explanation: Given: Isotopes of Thallium and % abundances Tl-203 : 29.5% Tl-205: 70.5% Formula: Relative atomic mass = It is given by the summation of the product of all the isotope masses and their % abundances For Thallium: Relative atomic mass = Since the number of significant digits is 3, the relative atomic mass = 204 amu

Thallium atomic mass is 204.41. Explanation: TI-203 and TI-205 are isotopes of Thallium, it means elements that differs in the number of neutrons they have. To estimate the atomic mass of Thallium, you have to sum the mass of each isotope (203 or 205), multiplied by its abundance percentage and divided by 100&. Thallium Atomic mass = [(203 x 29.5 %)/ 100%] + [(205 x 70.5 %)/100%] ⇒Thallium Atomic mass = 204.41. Summarizing, Thallium atomic mass is 204.41.

29.5 * 203 + 70.5 * 205 / 100 =  5988.5 + 14452.5 / 100 =  20441 / 100 = 204.41 u atomic mass of Thallium 204.41 u hope this helps!

E. 204.4 hope this helps

Answer 6

Since you are referring to the TI-203 and TI-205, you need to know the actual masses of these two isotopes. TI-203 has 202.9723 amu  and TI-205 has 204.9744 amu. Since you are concluding that this Thallium have 29.5% (Ti-203) and 70.5% (Ti-205), you need to multiply the percentage to the actual masses of the isotopes. With that, you should be able to get 204.3833 amu

Answer 7

To determine the relative atomic mass of thallium, we multiply the molar mass of the isotopes to their corresponding relative abundance. The molecular percentages should sum up to 1. In this case, we multiply 203 by 0.295 and 205 by 0.705 and add the answers of the two. The final atomic mass is 204.41 g/mol.

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