Mr smith had four daughters each daughter had four brothers

smith had four daughters, each daughter have four brothers how many
Kids did mr smith have

Since Mr. Smith had 4 daughters, so total kids until now = 4
Now each daughter had four brothers which means Mr. Smith had 4
sons too so that each of his daughters had 4 brothers.
So, total kids Mr. Smith had = 4 daughters+4 sons = 8 kids.
Note: Don’t get confused by each daughter having 4
brothers to make an answer = 4×4 = 16 sons. If you
calculate no of sons taking one daughter at a time, you will end up
calculating 16 sons which is wrong because in that case each
daughter would have 16 brothers (​​​brothers of sister are
also brothers) which is clearly wrong because each
daughter had only 4 brothers.
So, total number of sons Mr Smith had = 4
Total no of kids = 8
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