Looking to Create Custom Products without Breaking the Bank? Check Out This Guide to Print On Demand for eCommerce!

Do you have an idea that would look fantastic on a t-shirt? If you do, you may have taken one look at what it would cost for a bulk order of shirts and decided against it. It would also cost a lot to ship t-shirts to your customers. You would have to store the shirts somewhere, and unless you own a warehouse, you would need to have plenty of extra room in your garage. 

Fortunately, there is a way to make your vision a reality with little to no investment, no inconvenience, and no risk. There are on-demand printing companies that will allow you to create t-shirt designs and print them on the article of clothing or novelty item of your choice. You can sell those items on the eCommerce platform of your choice. You can click here to read more. 

How On-Demand Printing Sites Work 

If you have an idea for a design that would look great on a shirt, hat, cup, or mug, you just draw it up and visit the on-demand website. Once you upload your design, you will select the item on which you want it to appear. The company will print it out and send it to you. 

If you want to put a word or phrase on a shirt, you can simply use the website’s tools to type in that word or phrase. If you are not an artist, you can still put a design on the shirt using online tools such as clip art. 

You should get your item within a week or so. If it does not look good, you can always keep trying until you get it just right. Once you have achieved perfection, you are ready to set up an eCommerce store. 

Which eCommerce Platform is The Best For Me?

There are quite a few eCommerce platforms, and choosing one can be challenging. Shopify is considered one of the best platforms for small businesses because they offer a 14-day trial and only charge around $30 a month. 

Wix is also a good platform. They have a free ad-supported option, but you can also go ad-free for just $23 a month.

Once you select a platform, you will set up your eCommerce store. You should not overwhelm your visitors with a huge amount of products. If you are offering a shirt, pick two or three colors to select from. If you are offering a mug, only offer it in one style.

The very best on-demand websites will allow you to connect your eCommerce store to them. When someone orders your shirt, they will pay with a credit card. The on-demand company will take their fee out of the payment, print the shirt, and send it to your customer. On-demand websites will have a large warehouse filled with shirts, jackets, hats, and novelty products. 

How to Market Your Product

You may think this all sounds good, but wonder how you would ever be able to pay for advertising. You should not spend too much, if anything, at first. You can share your shirt design on Facebook by joining different groups.

You should join groups filled with people who will likely buy your shirt. For example, if you have a feminist shirt, join groups for feminists. If you have a product for wise guy movie fans, join a group focused on those fans. Post your product in the group occasionally, but do not overdo it, or you will get banned. 

You can always post the product on your web page, hoping that a few of your friends will buy and share it. However, this can be a bit slow.

You can tweet your item with a hashtag that will attract people likely to buy it. If you have a shirt that references a movie or celebrity, you can mention their name in your post.

You can do a free giveaway at a festival or on the internet. It is a great way to get your name out there and get people to your store. 

If you want to invest some money, you can get an Instagram influencer to share your product. But you should know that this can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. 

You have a great idea, and the world should know it. If you take the proper steps, your new product might be all the rage next year.

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