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iPhone 14 Hacks to Try Immediately

So you’ve got your hands on the new iPhone 14 or 14 Pro? Congratulations!

As with all Apple smartphones, a new iPhone means new features. Here’s a list of some hacks you must try immediately after unboxing the phone. 

Take Screenshots 

Capturing screenshots and sharing them is the easiest way to pass information. After all, pictures are much more comprehensible than blocks of text. 

So if you want to take a regular screenshot on iPhone, press the slide button and volume up button. For the first five seconds, you can tap the screenshot thumbnail for more options. If you don’t do anything, the screenshot will be saved in the Photos app. 

Moreover, you can take a scrolling screenshot in iPhone 14. Press the slide and volume button simultaneously and then tap the screenshot thumbnail. Select the Full Page option to take a scrolling screenshot. 

Unsend / Edit Messages 

There may be instances when you immediately regret sending a message or there’s an embarrassing typo you wish you could rectify. Luckily, you can unsend and edit messages in iOS 16. 

Open Messages and type the message as you normally would. Then, once you have sent it, long press the message and you’ll see the Undo Send and Edit options. Select whichever you want to use. 

But unfortunately, if the recipient is not using iOS 16, it will not appear unsent for them. 

Customize the Notification Style 

By default, you will see a count or number of notifications at the bottom of the Lock Screen. This lets users know how many notifications are pending. Users can change this to be a list of the notifications or it can be shown as a stack of notification windows. 

Navigate to the Settings app > Notifications and select one of the other two options at the top of the screen under Display As. 

Disable Always-on Display

If you’re using the new iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max, you will see there’s the Always-On Display function. The function ensures you can see all the incoming notifications and check the time by glancing down at your smartphone. You don’t need to tap the screen. 

However, if you don’t want others to see your incoming notifications or are just not a fan of the Always-On Display and want to save battery life, you can turn off this feature. 

Go to the Settings app > tap Display & Brightness > scroll down to find Always On > tap the toggle next to Always On to disable it. 

Once this feature is disabled, you have to tap the screen to view and interact with the notifications. 

Add a Private note Behind Face ID

In Notes, iPhone 14 users can lock a specific note behind a Face ID authentication. So you are not limited to locking your notes behind your smartphone’s passcode. 

You can enable this feature by heading to the Settings app > Notes > find the Password option and tap that. Then, choose the Use Device Passcode on the next screen and toggle Use Face ID. So you do not have to use a specific password to unlock notes. 

You can lock a specific note by long pressing the note you wish to lock within the application. Then, hit the lock note option on the menu that appears on the screen. When you try to open the note the next time, it will ask for Face ID authentication. 

Click Steady Videos with Action Mode 

The Action Mode is a new feature that has come to all iPhone 14 models. With this function, Apple has improved the image stabilization to the point that users don’t need to bring a gimbal when recording video. 

The feature is not enabled by default but the Action Mode can be extremely easy to use. Go to the Camera application on your iPhone. Above the Shutter button in the bottom slider, tap Video. Then, tap the Action button seen in the top right corner. 

The Action Mode is switched off by default and you need to enable it within the Camera application. When this function is enabled, the icon will change colors and you will see a small pop-up notification on the screen that says Action Mode. If you want to turn it off, tap the same icon again and you’ll see another notification saying Action Mode Off. 

Enable Crash Detection 

Crash Detection is a new feature that has come to new iPhone and Apple Watch models. This works with the High-g accelerometer and in-built gyroscope. 

Open the Settings application on your iPhone > tap Emergency SOS > under the Crash Detection section, ensure the toggle for Call After Severe Crash is enabled. 


People are still getting used to using the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro. So there’s lots to explore and discover. If your favorite hack or trick is not on the list, don’t forget to mention it in the comments. Other iPhone 14 users will thank you for it. 

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