How to Upgrade and Develop Your Operative in Escape from Tarkov

Tarkov has been attracting fans of adventures and military simulators for several years now, which allow them to fully experience the joint actions of special forces in territories with a large number of enemies and minimal resources for protracted battles.

You will start with fairly weak equipment and a small supply of ammunition; you can only dream about sights and other accessories, until the first combat outing, of course.


You need to choose your side, or rather the PMC of which country you will represent – this will not affect the earnings of Tarkov rubles, but will simply form the key uniform and equipment with the weapons that you will use and of course all representatives of your PMC will speak a certain language.

A PMC is a private military company, a group of mercenaries who solve various military tasks instead of regular units. You can choose BEARS – Russia, and TERRA – USA.

Combat exits

To get improved or good equipment and weapons, you need to go on combat missions, or buy it for rubles Escape from Tarkov.

You can get rubles for selling all unnecessary items from combat missions, as rewards for completing quests, or simply buy them from a service like Skycoach for a simplified start.

But in general, the most valuable and high-quality character enhancement can only be provided during combat forays into neutral territories, in which a large number of weapons and amplifiers for them of varying quality and in different conditions are scattered.

Each such territory has an entrance and an exit, which you need to remember and learn to navigate, because in general you will not have time to look at the physical map, and the game does not provide a virtual interface for navigating the terrain, so as not to lose realism in combat operations.

You will meet representatives of the allied and enemy PMCs, as well as bandits.

Bandits often act in groups and, in close combat, can be dangerous simply because of their numbers. There is no need to specifically engage in battle against them, because the reward for killing them is always minimal – rusty cartridges and bad weapons, and very rarely there is anything valuable in their pockets, and you need to spend a lot of effort and resources to destroy them and there is always a risk of getting bullet and die not only from bandits, but also from enemies who will come to the noise of the battle.

You need to find as much different equipment as possible, which you can make your own, or sell, earning eft rubles, but for this you need to bring them to the peaceful zone.

Naturally, all weapons and accessories for them, ammunition and equipment can be used immediately as soon as you find them, but in order to implement them you must first get to the camp.

What to look for

You need to give priority to assault rifles, because this is the most versatile and powerful weapon that performs well at any distance and the effectiveness of its use is determined only by your ability to use and shoot it and the presence of auxiliary accessories that will help you aim, add accuracy, and increase the main ammunition and will delay reloading and your detection by the enemy.

To play effectively, you need accessories for your weapon, and the first thing you should pay attention to is a flash suppressor.

This is a weapon enhancement format that turns off the light that makes the weapon stand out when firing. Yes, it does not muffle the sound of a shot, but it makes it very difficult for the enemy to detect you, which gives you more safe time to destroy him.

A silencer works worse in this regard, because it does not hide the place of fire and does not completely muffle the sound of a shot, but makes it quieter and more dull.

The next stage is the search for a sight that will help zoom in on the picture for better detection of enemies and conducting reconnaissance.

In Tarkov you will often encounter snipers and attack aircraft with good optical equipment, and in order not to die from long-range enemies without the ability to not only respond to them, but even see them, you need sights.

There are different degrees of zoom and if you manage to find a 4x magnification of view, then this will help in long-range combat, but with close contact it will, on the contrary, interfere and make aiming difficult and to solve this problem you need two types of weapons, preferably with different types of weapons used cartridges so that they do not depend on each other and so that in protracted battles you will always have a backup source of ammunition and are more likely to find the cartridges you need during combat sorties.

For close combat, you can use a collimator sight, which is distinguished by great accuracy and good visibility in any conditions, for example when fighting in enclosed spaces, but there is also a disadvantage. The collimator is a laser and the enemy can also see it, not as clearly as a flashlight, but you need to use the sight carefully, or trust the front sight on the weapon, or another type of sight, for example an RGB sight, which models the aiming reticle using tint.

Try to find a stabilization handle – it can be installed on almost any automatic and assault weapon and can be used to change the grip of the hand and provide additional stability during automatic type of fire.

You also need an additional magazine of increased volume. If, for example, you can add 30 rounds to the standard format, then 45 or 60 to the enlarged format, which significantly expands your combat capabilities.

With proper accumulation, such additional accessories can simply be bought for Tarkov rubles if you are unlucky enough to find them during combat sorties, or they are cheap enough to spend money on them.

You must remember that in the event of death in Escape from Tarkov, enemies will be able to take away from you all the property that they consider valuable, and if you want to save certain elements, then they need to be insured before going out into battle.

It is important to insure weapons and, if possible, valuable equipment, then even if you die, you can pick them up with another, new operative, who will save the level and take all the equipment that was previously insured.

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