How to make Fraps record longer that 30 seconds?

All I can record is 30 seconds at a time I need about 2 mins or so to do the stuff I want to do. Any ways to change the length or programs that will let me record for longer? thanks for the help

Here is a free program that will let you record indefinitely:

It can export as a .avi move file. It’s not the most advanced of software, but it’s good quality, runs very fast and free.

To record longer than 30 seconds in Fraps, you simply need to buy the program.

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Purchase Fraps or use Bandicam
It looks like the Fraps, but so much better.
You can record your webcam, gameplay, video and desktop screen with sounds.
Also, you can upload the recorded file to YouTube without converting because the recorded file size is much smaller than Fraps
for examples)
– Fraps: 300MB
– Bandicam: 15MB

JING will do as much as 5 minutes for loose. Then there is Camtasia, you may get a loose 30 day loose trial to envision it out. they’ll capture an entire demonstrate. i could checklist the mic audio separate the two in the past the video is created or after. It has a tendency to create a clearer and professional very final product. there is alot of loose telephone recording/convention classes the place you could call in, (i take advantage of my headset) and checklist what you assert. i in my opinion use Audio Acrobat for audio recording after which use the audio recorded from my audio gadget to assist sync the two documents jointly earlier than generating for all to work out. enable me comprehend in case you have any questions, i could be happy to attempt pointing you interior the main astonishing direction. otherwise, have relaxing making those movies. It appears like a great challenge!

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