How Online Tools Have Made Work from Home Easy for Digital Creators

Working from home and remote working are concepts that were created during the Covid-19 pandemic. While there is still a debate going around about their advantages and disadvantages, the usefulness of these concepts cannot be denied. These tools are available 24//7 and help defeat the challenges of time and distance. There are a number of tools and apps that can be used to make work from home and remote working a real possibility. In this article we will discuss these tools and how we can use them profitably to make our lives easier in a digital world.

Common Characteristics of Online Tools 

While the online tools that are available across the world are numerous and distinct, they share some common characteristics, which are discussed below.

They are easily accessible.

The first common characteristic is that these online tools are easily accessible. There is the concept of SaaS or software as a service, under which a business provides apps and facilities for its customers to work from home or remotely. This accessibility is available across various devices as well and is incredibly safe and secure. All you need is a reliable internet connection. These services are usually cloud based.

It is easy to use them.

The popularity of commonly used online tools is in direct proportion to their usability and ease of operation. Most of these online tools come with an easy to use interface design that is intuitive and easy to understand.

They are affordable.

Online tools become popular when they are reasonably priced and can make an impact in the market by attracting the maximum number of users. The majority of users cite pricing and ease of use as the two top reasons that determine which online tools they employ to do work.

They are effective.

Users will choose and buy tools that have proven to be effective in the workspace. They should be able to serve their purpose in a very good way. Customers would not find it feasible to use online tools that are difficult or complicated to use. They would soon get frustrated and abandon the use of complicated tools that do not serve their purpose well.

Benefits to Adopting Flexible Working Practices

There are a number of benefits to adopting flexible work practices from home. We will outline the 5 topmost benefits of working from home or remotely.

It’s cost effective and efficient.

Online tools make it easier to adopt flexible working practices. For employers, it means a saving on paying for office space and the associated costs that come with it. Management and employees can save on travelling costs and time by working remotely from home and signing documents using custom signatures. They can be contacted through an office management and communication system like Slack, Trello or any other that you choose to employ.

It provides better work-life balance.

Since the use of online tools saves time going to work, employees can use that time in more productive pursuits. They can share breakfast time with their family, have a talk or read a book. This gives people more time to themselves, promotes work-life balance and results in happier employees. When your employees are happier, they would like to return the favor by being more productive.

Improvement in working culture.

The use of online tools for communication, organization and working leads to more productivity while working. Employees have to be disciplined while working and not allow any distractions. They must make every effort to communicate and collaborate effectively. When this becomes part of the company culture, it creates a connected community of workers that are in sync with each other.

It expands horizons.

Another benefit of flexible working using online tools is that you can hire employees with the required skill levels from across the world. You do not have to restrict your hiring to local talent. All they need is to be able to speak your language. Likewise, employees do not have to restrict themselves to getting jobs in locations close to them or within a defined commute period. They can apply for jobs remotely in any corner of the world. You can review and sign their hiring documentation using your custom signature online. 

It can increase loyalty and reduce employee turnover.

It may sound counterintuitive, but online tools and remote work can reduce absenteeism and employee turnover. People have been known to quit jobs mainly due to a restrictive environment and long working hours that frustrates workers and leads to dissatisfaction, demotivation and unhappiness. Giving your employees the chance to work freely with work-life balance engenders trust in them and results in them wanting to work harder for you.

The Importance of Online Signatures

Online signatures are an important part of the online working culture. They help you send important documentation related to employee onboarding, transfers and settlements, legal and personal matters duly signed with proper security and authentication to make it official. You can use a custom signature generator like Artlogo to create custom signatures that can be used online to sign all kinds of documents. These online signatures can be generated using a free online tool at the Artlogo website. Better still, you can use their custom online signature service to generate a unique digital signature that makes you stand out as a business owner and operator. These documents are saved in the cloud. They save the cost of transporting the documents back and forth between signers and also contribute to a paperless environment. 


Online tools are very much a part of today’s work environment. They make work easy and efficient. The use of online signatures makes for a reliable and safe environment where chances of fraud and misrepresentation are minimized. The signature is authenticated and verified using private and public keys that are encrypted for security reasons. Digitally signed documents also have a timestamp that can prove the time the document was signed. All this makes for greater credibility and authenticity in digital documents and signatures, resulting in their legal acceptability as well. Online tools and documents are being used across the world by various sectors such as manufacturing, healthcare, law, engineering and financial services and helps make documentation signing and sharing more safe, secure and reliable. 

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