how old do i have to be to buy rubbing alcohol?

i am not trying to drink it, lighter fluid. if i wanted alcohol to drink i could just ask someone at my school. i go to high school for crying out loud.

There is no age restriction to buy rubbing alcohol. However, since you’re asking, it sounds like you are up to no good.

There are no age restriction on rubbing alcohol.

And that’s because rubbing alcohol is not an effective way to catch a “buzz.”

No age limit. It is denatured alcohol, it will not get you high, and isopropyl rubbing alcohol is poisonous and can cause permanent disabling illness or death if consumed.

what is illegal is for minors to buy alcoholic beverages, can you drink your rubbing alcohol?

Since you can’t drink it, there’s no age restriction.

Answer 6

none particular. it’s not the same as drinking alcohol.

Source(s): ok kid…it was just a dense question

Answer 7

u DoNT HaVe To Be a CeRTaiN aGe…u CaN Go Buy iT NoW aS LoNG aS u HaVe THe MoNey 2 Pay 4 iT.!

no age requirment

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