hitler was left handed or right handed?

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Hitler was right-handed. All of the photos I’ve seen of him writing he is using his right hand.
Scroll down on this site to see picture of Hitler writing.

Was Hitler Left Handed

Since he was such the epitome of Germanness (born in Austria) I would imagine he was right handed. Maybe he was naturally left handed and being forced to use his right hand made him crazy. But I doubt it.
But why I’m saying that is as late as the 1960’s, and probably to this day, if a German child is naturally left handed they are made use their right hand, left handed people are considered weird or odd or something and if modern, post-war Germans must ‘conform’ in this way, imagine what it would be like in Nazi Germany.
But of course he would have thrown the rules aside for himself if he had been left handed (like he ignored the fact he was crazy and did not send himself off to the ovens like most mentally ill people were)

Right handed. The best evidence is looking at photo’s of him opening a car door, saluting, and signing things. He used his right hand.

right handed

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He was right-handed, as confirmed by all his biographers. This is an authoritative answer, and was one I learned at the Yahoo! Group below that is full of experts in the area. They can answer any question with authority and documentation.

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yup right handed, i recall seeing in many documentaries, him signing things with his right.

left handed u liars

Apparently he was right handed but why would you care?


ask eva brown…….

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hitler was left handed or right handed?

This is a question that has been puzzling people for years, with no clear answer. Some say that Adolf Hitler was left handed, while others claim that he was right handed. In this article, we take a closer look at the evidence to see which side of the argument is more credible.

The Debate: Was Adolf Hitler Left-Handed or Right-Handed?

The debate over Adolf Hitler’s handedness has been around since the 1930s, and it remains a topic of interest to this day. Some historians believe that he was left-handed, while others contend that he was right-handed.

One reason for the debate is that no photographs or other physical evidence of Hitler’s hand orientation exists. The only clues about his hand preference are based on anecdotes from people who knew him well.

Some historians believe that left-handedness would have been less socially acceptable in Nazi Germany, where the natural order of society was based onorder and hierarchy. It’s also possible that Hitler was forced to become right-handed because he had difficulty performing certain tasks with his left hand.

The Evidence: Do Any Records Show Whether or not Adolf Hitler Was Left-Handed?

There is no clear answer as to whether or not Adolf Hitler was left-handed. However, the available evidence does not support the theory that he was. There are no recorded instances of him writing with his left hand, and there are no biographical or photographic records that suggest he was left-handed. Additionally, Hitler’s personal correspondence and speeches appear to be written primarily in right-to-left script.

Conclusion: The Answer to Whether or not Adolf Hitler Was Left-Handed Lies with History

Adolf Hitler was left handed or right handed? This question has been debated by historians for years, and there is no definitive answer. However, the evidence suggests that he was more likely left-handed. Reasons for this include the way in which he wrote, as well as his personal interests and hobbies.

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