Hey teachers! Is it “gradebook” or “grade book”?

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Every spell checker (even Yahoo’s) says that gradebook is incorrect and that it is two words. I have always been brought up knowing it as one word. Of course I am talking about an actual, physical book, not some computer program.

==> grade( – )book <== = grade-book

As a teacher of 38 years, I use Gradebook, There are others who prefer it as two words, but really, what’s the difference? If the British can spell Color, Colour, and it is perfectly acceptable, spell Gradebook however you like.

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Hey teachers! Is it “gradebook” or “grade book”?

We all want our students to succeed and get good grades, but sometimes it can be tough to keep track of everything – especially when it comes to graded assignments. Although it might seem like a small thing, using the correct term – gradebook or grade book – can actually make a big difference in how your students perceive your class.

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What is the difference between

“gradebook” and “grade book”?

It is a common question that teachers receive. While both terms are used interchangeably, there is actually a slight difference in meaning. A gradebook is a digital or online tool that teachers use to input grades and track student progress. A grade book, on the other hand, is a physical record of a student’s grades that is kept by the teacher.

So, when you are referring to the act of recording grades, you would use the term “gradebook.” If you are referring to the physical book where grades are kept, you would use the term “grade book.”

How do you use each word?

The word “gradebook” is typically used to refer to an online system where teachers can input grades and student information. “Grade book” is the more traditional term used to refer to a physical record book where teachers can write down grades and other information. Both terms are used interchangeably, so it really depends on which word you feel more comfortable using.

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When should you use each word?

If you’re referring to the physical book that teachers use to record and keep track of grades, it’s “grade book.” If you’re talking about the online version of a grade book, where grades are entered and stored electronically, it’s “gradebook.”

Examples of each word in use

Are you wondering whether it is “gradebook” or “grade book”? Both terms are commonly used, but they have different meanings.

A gradebook is a digital or paper record of student grades. It is usually created by a teacher and used to track student progress over the course of a school year.

A grade book, on the other hand, is a physical book that teachers use to record grades. Grade books are often used in conjunction with gradebooks, as they provide a more permanent record of student grades.


The answer is, it depends. If you are referring to the physical book that teachers use to record grades, then it is “grade book.” However, if you are talking about the software program that many teachers now use to track grades and student progress, then it is “gradebook.”

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