Has anyone heard of Buried Treasure Music Publishing?

They say they are based out of Nashville and are looking for country and pop songs. I haven’t been able to find much about them.

This is all I could find for you….

Nashville music publisher seeks Country/Pop songs. Submit demo by mail. Unsolicited submissions are OK. CD or VHS videocassette. No more than 3 songs please. Always include SASE! Send to: Scott Turner, 524 Doral Country Dr., Nashville TN 37221.

added. I dug up a little more infor from a man named allen Licht who says he is also a publisher. He has a website called songwriter 101. Scrolling through the posts, I found one where he claims he got his start contacting Buried Treasure Music Publishing.

This is dated 2006 but he does gve his personal website as
My email address is [email protected]

Maybe you can contact him regarding the validity of that particular publisher.

This is the text of that particular post from this website

allan licht

I got started in 1984 as a fluke. I freind of mine who wrote lyrics at the time told me that I needed to start writing original material. I had been singing in supper clubs for about 20 years and he thought I needed to do more. I wrote music for some of his lyrics and then I wrote a song on my own. A fairly bad song I might add. I sent that song to Scott Turner with Buried Treasure Music in Nashville and he told me that he loved my music, but the lyrics were lousy. He was right my lyrics were lousy. He said if I sent the music to lyricist Dianne Baumgartner in New York, and she could write new lyrics, that he would publish the song. That was the beginning for me. Dianne is an extroardinary lyricist with many major cuts. My big break came a year later when she and I wrote “This Heart’s Gonna Heal.” I sent it to KOZKEEOZKO MUSIC in New York and they published the song. It was recorded by Deborah Dotson and Doug Parkinson in Australia and performed in the hit musical “The Big River.” They also put out a CD and we got a great cut out of it. The rest was me making connections through people I met in the industry as well as artists from my home towm Cleveland who went on to make it in the big-time. If you go to my website you can hear “This Heart’s Gonna Heal” as well as our new song “You Are My Vision.” To date Dianne and I have written about 50 songs with half of them recorded. She still lives in New York and we have never met.

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Based on my research I found it was started by Scott “Scotty” Turner. Mr. Turner passed away in February (?) at age 77. Wikipedia has him as prolific and successful songwriter in the early 60’s. He wrote for people such as Herb Albert, Slim Whitman, Roy Clark, Jimmy Dean, etc. So far I haven’t found if anyone else runs or own this company.

I’d like to see the answer to this too

Answer Prime

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