Es mejor que (prevengas/previenes) la gripe con una vacuna.

Bold answers: Es mejor que prevengas la gripe con una vacuna. Es importante que tengas una buena alimentación. Es verdad que los doctores siempre tienen razón. Es evidente que este programa ayuda a muchas personas. Es necesario que descanses para ponerte bien. No es cierto que las medicinas lo curen todo. Translation It is better to prevent the flu with a vaccine. It is important that you have a good diet. It is true that doctors are always right. It is clear that this program helps many people. It is necessary that you rest to get well. It is not true that medicines cure everything. 

1.Prevengas 2.Tengas 3.Tienen 4.Ayuda 5.Curan Explanation:

no lo se rick, parece falso

the translation is: what does maru plan to do before delivering his project to the museum? he plans to go to the bank for money, and then take a taxi to the museum. he plans to go to jorge’s workshop so that he can repair the car, and then go to the museum. 2. why does maru borrow money from moni? because there is a very long line in the bank and it does not have much time. because he spent his money in the bakery and in the greengrocer’s shop. 3. where does monica need to go? you need to go to the butcher shop. you need to go to a jewelry store. 4. what did maru forget in miguel’s car? he forgot the wallet with all his money. he forgot the envelope with his project. 5. what do maru and moni do so that maru remembers where she left her things? they close their eyes, relax and breathe deeply. they sit for a moment and relax. 6. why can not maru send the envelope by mail? because the mail is farther than the museum.

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