Does George Lopez really speak Spanish?

I’m a big fan of his. I have seen many of his comedy specials and he always seems to pull out words and phrases in Spanish (usually Mexican Spanish) but that are still universally understood by all of us. However, there is no video out there of him in an actual interview with any Spanish-speaking outlet such as Univision or Telemundo or any other speaking fully in Spanish which makes me question his ability to speak the language. I heard years ago that he stated that he really does not speak the language and he received a lot of negative press about it because of it from the Latin media and they even resorted to saying such things as “he does not speak Spanish with that Indigenous face?” and things like that which usually ignorant Latinos say.

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George Lopez In Spanish

Answer 6

he probably speaks a little


He does speak spanish, back in 2010-11 ish he did an interview with Piolín where he talked about his life etc, Piolín por la manana was a spanish show.

Source(s): 101.9 ( los angeles)

Answer 7

Long question – short answer. Who cares!

I think he speaks Spanish. The reason he has never had a comedy special on Telemundo is because he’s American, and his specials air on American comedy centrals.
I don’t know though, could be wrong. Either way, who cares?

That is weird. He probably doesnt speak very well. A lot of Latin people who arent immigrants only speak it kinda vaguely. Most Latinos who grew up in America know a lot of Spanish words and can kind of understand it but would sound stupid.

Answer 6

he probably speaks a little

how are we supposed to know?

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