Describe three adaptive advantages of the mammalian anatomy. (For school only)

Explanation 1

Mammals have three adaptive advantages over other animals.

First, mammals are able to produce well-developed offspring with proper nutrition for their young;

second  their fur helps them maintain body temperature in different environments and can also serve as protection from sun exposure or extreme weather conditions like storms–it’s thicker near the skin so that less hair need set time resource than feathers do when being heated by direct sunlight.,

Lastly eggs cannot be produced efficiently enough because they require too much energy on behalf of mother animal which would mean decreased chances at survival after birth since.

Explanation 2

Mammals have three adaptive advantages over other animals.

First, their offspring are well developed and provides proper nutrition to the young because of a rich milk supply that is easy for digestion in comparison with egg drops or meats where some nutrients may not be absorbed efficiently by infant formulas due out lack corresponding ingredients present within it’s mother’s diet during pregnancy.

Secondly, mammals can reproduce quickly even though they don’t lay eggs which requires less body resource

than producing feathers since fur requires little effort from its parent compared with fowl production systems

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