Where is the main.db file for new skype???

Skype is a popular communication tool that allows users to make voice and video calls, send instant messages, and share files with others. The main.db file is an important component of Skype that stores all the user data, including chat history, contacts, and other information. If you are looking for the main.db file for the new Skype, here are some tips to help you locate it:

1. Check the default location: By default, the main.db file for Skype is stored in the following location on Windows:


On Mac, the file is located in the following directory:

~/Library/Application Support/Skype//main.db

2. Use the search function: If you are unable to locate the main.db file in the default location, you can use the search function on your computer to find it. Simply type “main.db” in the search bar and hit enter. This should bring up all the files with that name on your computer.

3. Backup the file: Before making any changes to the main.db file, it is important to create a backup copy of it. This will ensure that you can restore the file if anything goes wrong during the process.

4. Fixing issues with the main.db file: If you are experiencing issues with the main.db file, such as corruption or missing data, you can try the following steps to fix the problem:

– Close Skype and make sure it is not running in the background.
– Rename the main.db file to something else, such as main_old.db.
– Restart Skype and it will create a new main.db file.
– If your chat history and other data is missing, you can try importing it from the backup file you created earlier.

In conclusion, the main.db file is an important component of Skype that stores all the user data. If you are having trouble locating the file, you can use the tips mentioned above to find it. Additionally, if you are experiencing issues with the file, you can try the steps mentioned to fix the problem.


I hope these tips were helpful in locating the main.db file for the new Skype and fixing any issues you may be experiencing with it. Remember to always create a backup copy of the file before making any changes and to be cautious when working with it. Happy Skyping!

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