My Wired internet disconnects randomly for a few seconds but my wireless connection on my other devices is fine.

If you are experiencing random disconnections on your wired internet connection while your wireless connection on other devices is working fine, there could be several reasons behind it. Here are some possible causes and solutions to fix the issue:

1. Faulty Ethernet cable: Check if your Ethernet cable is damaged or not properly connected to your computer or router. Try replacing the cable with a new one and see if it resolves the issue.

2. Network driver issues: Outdated or corrupted network drivers can cause connectivity problems. Update your network drivers to the latest version or reinstall them to fix any issues.

3. Network settings: Incorrect network settings can also cause connectivity issues. Check your network settings and make sure they are configured correctly.

4. Network congestion: If there are too many devices connected to your network, it can cause congestion and slow down your internet speed. Try disconnecting some devices and see if it improves your wired connection.

5. Router issues: Your router may be experiencing issues that are affecting your wired connection. Try resetting your router or contacting your internet service provider for assistance.

In conclusion, if your wired internet connection is randomly disconnecting, try troubleshooting the above-mentioned issues to fix the problem. If the issue persists, contact your internet service provider for further assistance.


In conclusion, we hope that the solutions provided above have helped you resolve the issue of random disconnections on your wired internet connection. If you continue to experience connectivity problems, don’t hesitate to contact your internet service provider for further assistance. They may be able to provide additional troubleshooting steps or identify any underlying issues with your network. Thank you for choosing our services, and we hope you have a great day!

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