Meet the Trailblazers of the WNBA

It’s an exciting time to follow women’s professional sports, including soccer, boxing and football. Many previously male-dominated sports, like soccer in the United Kingdom, have recently paved the way for more female players. The women’s Premier League is well-supported, attracting thousands of fans each season to Wembley and other major venues. If you watched the women’s World Cup and European Championships, you’ll know women’s soccer is stronger than ever.

Another sport that has embraced female teams, coaches, officials, and players is basketball. The top competitions from London to Lisbon run women’s competitions and games, but there’s no denying the WNBA is the pinnacle of female basketball. Like playing in the National Basketball Association is the dream for male players, their female counterparts dream of strutting their stuff in the WNBA.

If you have watched a WNBA game live on TV, you’ll already know why its popularity has recently rocketed. If you’ve never watched a WNBA game live, you arrive at an exciting time of the season. The schedule is busy, and you can make predictions on the winner of upcoming games or the championship. WNBA supporters love to predict the results and follow the play.

Who are the top players in female basketball that have showcased their talents on the grand stage? In this article, our team of sports writers and professional basketball fans highlight the most famous names from the WNBA. Learn the names of the best players and watch them in action while following the best of the emerging talent, the names ready to burst onto the scene.

Lisa Leslie

Lisa Leslie, often regarded as one of the greatest female basketball players ever, was a force on the court. Standing 6 feet 5 inches tall, Leslie dominated both ends of the floor. She spent her 12-year WNBA career with the Los Angeles Sparks and won two WNBA championships (2001 and 2002). Leslie was a three-time WNBA MVP and an eight-time All-Star. Her versatility, athleticism, and shot-blocking ability made her a defensive stalwart, while her scoring prowess earned her a spot as one of the league’s top scorers.

Leslie became an influential figure and advocate for women’s sports off the court. She used her platform to empower young girls and promote gender equality in athletics. Her legacy continues to inspire generations of female basketball players.

If you've never watched a WNBA game live, you arrive at an exciting time of the season.

Tamika Catchings

Tamika Catchings is another WNBA legend known for her exceptional skills and leadership on the court. She spent her entire 15-year career with the Indiana Fever and is one of the best defensive players in WNBA history. Catchings was named the WNBA Defensive Player of the Year five times and played in 12 All-Star Games.

What makes Catchings truly remarkable is her perseverance. She overcame a hearing impairment to become one of the league’s most dominant players. Off the court, she founded the Catch the Stars Foundation, which aims to empower young people to achieve their dreams. Catchings’ impact extends far beyond basketball, making her a beloved figure in the sports world.

Diana Taurasi

Diana Taurasi, known as the “White Mamba,” is widely regarded as one of the most clutch players in WNBA history. Playing for the Phoenix Mercury since being drafted in 2004, Taurasi has accumulated numerous accolades, including three WNBA championships and two WNBA Finals MVP awards. She is the league’s all-time leading scorer, showcasing her scoring ability and shooting prowess.

Taurasi’s competitive spirit and ability to perform under pressure have made her a fan favorite. She has also been integral to the USA Women’s National Basketball Team, helping them secure multiple Olympic gold medals. Taurasi’s tenacity and scoring ability make her a dominant force in the WNBA.

Maya Moore

Maya Moore is known not only for her basketball skills but also for her advocacy and commitment to social justice causes. Moore, who spent most of her WNBA career with the Minnesota Lynx, is a four-time WNBA champion and former league MVP. Her versatility on the court made her a valuable asset to her team.

Off the court, Moore took a hiatus from basketball to focus on criminal justice reform. Her efforts resulted in the release of Jonathan Irons, who was wrongfully convicted. Moore’s dedication to making a difference in the world sets her apart as a remarkable athlete and humanitarian.

Sue Bird

Sue Bird, often referred to as the “point god,” is one of the most iconic point guards in the history of the WNBA. She has spent her entire career with the Seattle Storm, leading them to multiple championships. Bird is known for her incredible court vision, passing ability, and basketball IQ.

Bird has consistently been one of the league’s top assist leaders throughout her career. She is a ten-time All-Star and has won multiple Olympic gold medals with the USA Women’s National Basketball Team. Bird’s longevity and ability to adapt her game as she aged have solidified her status as a WNBA legend.

Watch the WNBA live

One of the main driving forces behind the recent success of the WNBA is an increase in games shown live. In the past, fans struggled to find live coverage of the best WNBA games, and if they couldn’t make it courtside, they’d miss the action. For years, the only way to watch WNBA on TV was on a highlights show shown later in the evening.

Today, more games are shown live than ever, with fixtures live on TV and live-streaming apps. Sportsbooks often boast the best basketball live streams, allowing fans to take the coverage on a busy day. With available data or a reliable Wi-Fi connection, you can turn everyday scenarios into an opportunity to watch WNBA. Join a sportsbook with a live-streaming tab and visit just before tip-off to view the coverage.

When making predictions, you can boost your strike rate simply by researching. You want as much information on the teams involved, including injury news, form, and head-to-head scores. The more you know, the stronger your predictions. Give it a try today.

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