Alpha Testing Vs Beta Testing: Pros, Cons AND Key Differences

what is Alpha Testing? Alpha testing is acceptance testing used to uncover potential problems or bugs before releasing the final product to end consumers. Alpha testing is conducted by testers who are internal organization workers. The fundamental purpose is to identify and test the tasks that a typical user could accomplish. To explain it as … Read more

Why Does my Mic Sound like a Robot? – Fix Sound Glitch

Why Does my Mic Sound like a Robot? Nowadays most people spend their time on the internet communicating with their friends, parents, colleagues, family, etc. Doing this will help to fill the gap between physical and virtual but sometimes there may be some technical issues. People sometimes face technical audio problems during online chats or … Read more

7 Brand Design System Benefits Every Company Should Know

Design systems are valuable for businesses of all sizes – they provide a more organized way to approach branding by establishing guidelines for how every element should look and feel. This makes creating new marketing collateral easier and helps a company maintain solid brand identity across all communications mediums.  Good systems unify design elements across … Read more

How Will Technology Change The Future Of IGaming?

iGaming is one of the industries where technological development is changing the most in these years. Players are enjoying new and thrilling experiences thanks to these technologies. But how will technology impact and change the future? The pace at which the online gambling industry is evolving is rapid these years. New technologies emerge and evolve. … Read more

How To Edit Head In WordPress

WordPress is a great platform for creating and managing websites. One of the things that makes it so user-friendly is that it offers a wide range of options for customizing your site. This includes the ability to change the headings on your pages. In this article, we’ll show you how to edit headings in WordPress … Read more

What Are the Basics of Cloud Analytics?

Analytics is the measurement and analysis of data to improve business performance. Cloud-based analytics enable fast and effortless access to data from any device, anytime, anywhere. In this article, we will discuss what cloud analytics are, the different types of data that they can measure, and some of the benefits that they offer businesses. What … Read more

Can I watch TV shows on Netflix?

Through Netflix, you can watch a lot of films and seasons without any disturbances. However, you can also subscribe to either Amazon Prime or Hulu if you want to watch TV channels like HBO and a few others on your television – after cutting the cord with cable TV. Though cutting the chord may sound … Read more