5 Factors to consider when building an offshore software development team

In this competitive market, startup founders and midsize business owners are constantly looking for a strong and flawless team to help them reach potential milestones and quickly establish a strong market position. Building an in-house development team is often difficult for startups and enterprises because associated costs such as office rent, salaries, insurance payments, along … Read more

iPhone 14 Hacks to Try Immediately

Iphone 14 hacks

So you’ve got your hands on the new iPhone 14 or 14 Pro? Congratulations! As with all Apple smartphones, a new iPhone means new features. Here’s a list of some hacks you must try immediately after unboxing the phone.  Take Screenshots  Capturing screenshots and sharing them is the easiest way to pass information. After all, … Read more

5 Tips To Clear Cache And Cookies On A Mac

If you’re like most people, you use your computer for work, entertainment, and everyday tasks. With so many programs and websites using cookies and other temporary files, your Mac can quickly become cluttered with junk. This CleanMyMac’s post will help clear cache and cookies on your Mac: 1. Clear the Cache on Your Mac. If … Read more

How Much Does a Cyber Security Person Earn?

An average Cyber Security Analyst in Canada makes CAD 76,849 in Canada, suggests Glassdoor. The Talent.com report indicates that an entry-level Cyber Security Analyst earns CAD 71,282 yearly, while most experienced professionals in the field make CAD 117,686 annually. The salary for Cyber Security Analysts varies dramatically depending on their experience and skills.  Do you … Read more

Free Online Tools to convert your Hex Values to Decimal

A large number of non-programmers are more comfortable in working with decimal numbers than hexadecimal numbers. Even programmers prefer decimal values in many contexts. It is very less common that users need adaptation to a hexadecimal output from one program to a decimal input for another program otherwise in majority of the cases hexadecimal to … Read more

Top 10 Best Practices While Working With WebDriver

WebDriver is a remote-controlled interface that allows the introspection and control of agents used by users. It offers a unidirectional platform and language wire protocol that allows for programs that are not in process to remotely influence users to behave as web browsers do. However, Selenium WebDriver is a fantastic tool to automatize web applications, … Read more