Your Invited vs. You’re Invited?

Omg, I have been thinking about this for so long now (really about 5 minutes) that I am confused as to which one is right.

“You’re invited” is the correct one.

A good way to remember this is to realize that
YOU’RE is short for “You are” (i.e. “You are invited”)
The apostrophe (‘) replaces the “A” in “ARE”.
Other versions of this type of word are:
I’m . . . he’s . . . she’s . . . we’re . . . they’re . . .

YOUR is just a possessive pronoun, the opposite of MY.
For example, “I like your shoes” “Is it your birthday?”
YOUR only relates to things that belong to someone.


You’re invited is right

You are invited to Jack’s party.

Your Vs Youre

Answer 6

Your Vs You Re

Answer 7

you’re invited to jacks birthday.

you are(you’re)’ apostrophe between you&are.

your(of or belonging to)

you’re = you are (You are invited.)
your = belongs to you

Vox Populi

you’re i correct

your is posessive
you’re means you are and ” you are invited” makes makes more sence than ” you have invited”

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